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Backyard Paradise
North Caldwell, NJ

Project Manager:

Michael Santana

Project Description:

The complete front yard and rear yard landscape was completed over the course of several years.  The front yard landscaping included a new driveway with paver inlays, formal hedges, and colorful/lush plantings.  Each year, our maintenance crew adds seasonal flowers to give it a burst of color.

The rear yard landscape design was a challenge as we needed to work with a backyard that had significant slope and drainage issues.  To create a level area for the proposed pool, stone retaining walls were installed around the perimeter of the property.  This provided us with the opportunity to create “levels” throughout the backyard.

Natural stone steps were integrated into the stone walls to create a circulation flow throughout the rear yard.  Drainage swales and exterior plumbing solutions helped resolve the water issues that the client was facing.

There is a gunite pool with independent hot tub.  The pool paving that was chosen is a concrete paver that has a warm appearance.  A pool cabana was constructed nearby to provide the client with plenty of storage and a place to entertain.

The rear yard garden beds are comprised of both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs as well as seasonal flowers.  Yearly plant maintenance is provided by Sponzilli and we continue to provide this client with cutting edge, beautiful landscape solutions to his many ongoing

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