The Clubhouse at Essex Country Club
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Essex County Country Club
West Orange, NJ

Sponzilli Site Manager:

Jason Sponzilli
Levi Henninger 

Site Maintenance:

Throughout the year beautification projects and upgrades are completed on the Essex County Country Club’s grounds to ensure the development and growth of all vegetation. When the contract began, Sponzilli’s Site Manager for Essex County Country Club met with the client and developed a plan to make the property stand apart with a grand entrance full of trees and seasonal flowers.

The proposal also included a comprehensive and strategic program for soil evaluations, fertilization and aeration treatments, water conservation techniques, tree care maintenance, as well as insect and plant disease issues. BeeSafe Organic products, which are 100% non-toxic, have been utilized throughout the property to sustain the large lush green grassy areas.

Additionally, landscape lighting was placed in precise locations throughout Essex County Country Club to highlight the beautiful areas within the grounds to enjoy.

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