Gracie Mews Living Green Wall, New York, NY


Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc.

Landscape Architect:

Thomas Balsley Assoc.


Sponzilli Landscape Group

Manufacturer & Grower:

Plant Connection, Inc.

Project Description:

Installation of a 200 ft. green wall at the Gracie Mews entrance and private driveway.


A steel support frame was installed to support living wall modules to plant low light evergreen plants. The wall had to be stepped down around the entrance sign and windows so the sign would be visible and views would not be blocked.

Scissor lifts were required to complete the unique and complex installation.

Of Note:

The green wall at Gracie Mews creates a memorable and lasting impression at the front entrance of the building and offers the added value of contributing to air purification and aesthetics in the city.

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