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Landscaping on a Steeply Sloped Yard
Montclair, NJ

Project Description:

This house in Montclair was set on a steeply sloped lot.  The clients wanted to replace timber retaining walls and increase the existing patio space which meant cutting into the hillside.

We also had to provide a walkway to connect to the garage located 10 feet higher than the patio.  A three-tiered retaining wall and steps had to be engineered.  To save money and to not overpower the rear yard with manufactured walls, we incorporated salvaged boulders into the upper most level.  The setback in the walls allowed room for colorful plantings.  A drain was creatively hidden under beach pebbles planted with blues fescue.

Landscape lighting was the finishing touch in this landscape.  Light fixtures were mounted under the retaining wall cap to cast subtle lighting onto the patio.  Well lights were placed under ornamental trees for shadow effect.  Path lights illuminate the irregular flagstone walkway and steps.

Project Scope:
  • Stone and Block Retaining Walls and Steps
  • Bluestone Patio, Moss Rock Gardens
  • Evergreen Screening
  • Colorful Year round Plantings
  • New Sod lawns, and landscape lighting

Plantings included Boxwoods, Spruces, dogwood, Barbery, Roses, Hydrangea, Garden Shrubs, Perennials, and Grasses.

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