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Landscape Design – Sales

Landscape Design

Position Overview

The Landscape Design/Salesperson is an experienced professional directing and presenting the design and then selling it to the client. This person should have a distinct ability to envision and sell landscape construction projects.

Position Summary:

Daily tasks will include working closely with the design team, meeting with clients to discuss their landscape goals and aspirations while helping them realize the potential of the property, approving project estimates, preparing presentations, budgets, and proposals, overseeing construction of the project from start to finish to ensure that all of the client’s needs are met as well as exceeded, purchasing materials, and soliciting new business.

The Landscape Design/Salesperson will work closely with the Director and Landscape Architect to ensure that the project deadlines are being met and will report directly to the Design Department Director.

This position serves as a key member of the design team. Working in a high pace environment, it is necessary for the candidate to have the ability to multi-task so that the design team stays updated while new and existing client needs are being satisfied.

This position requires a high level of dedication which often results in longer workdays and sometimes working on weekends as needed. It is important that this person is able to multi-task and collaborate with a wide variety of trades/professionals on a daily basis.

The candidate will have a thorough knowledge of all landscaping practices including lighting, hardscaping, planting, grading, drainage, water features, pools, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, etc.

Responsibilities and Duties:
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