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The lawn and plant care industry is evolving towards the elimination of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Because of this important shift toward natural organic lawn care services, Sponzilli Landscape Group has partnered with BeeSafe to create healthy lawns without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Together with BeeSafe, we found that if we fertilize and improve the soil naturally without using harsh chemical products, we can create healthy lawns through our organic landscaping services while improving a family’s quality of life and providing a healthy peace of mind. We provide organic lawn care in NJ and New York City, scroll below to learn more about our services!

Organic Lawn Care NJ

Healthier and More Lush

Your lawn will stay a nice dark green during times of stress and you can also rest assured that by using natural and organic lawn care products, you are doing the right thing for the environment and for your family. The lawn will become healthier and more lush as the soil gets healthier due to the natural organic material it is being fed. The various synthetic lawn pesticides and fertilizers destroy the beneficial organisms in your yard’s soil that would otherwise be naturally present. In essence, the soil becomes biologically sterile.

Organic Lawns Need Less Water

When your soil is made from healthy and rich with organic matter and pore space, it acts just like a sponge with water. Organic lawn maintenance requires far less watering than a chemically treated lawn. Reducing the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, improved soil structure due to the inclusion of rich organic matter, and improved root development, result in better water retention.

Organic Lawn Care NJ
Organically Grown Lawn

You’ll Need to Mow Less Often

An organic lawn grows more slowly and regularly than a lawn that is fertilized with chemicals. You’ll notice that the growth spurts and the roller coaster of growth you experience with chemical fertilizer applications becomes a thing of the past. It’s best to keep the grass at a length of 3-4 inches because it requires the leaf surface to perform photosynthesis and shades out the weeds which thrive in the sun.

The Organic 5 Step System

Our vision at Sponzilli is to eliminate the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on a given property over the course of a three year period. With the help of the BeeSafe Land Care patented program we can continue to offer our clients services that truly stand apart.


Step 1 – Stimulate the Soil
A biologically active soil conditioner will awaken the soil and allow the turf to thrive through spring.

Step 2 – Feed the Lawn
Natural sources of nitrogen and potassium and a select group of highly beneficial soil microorganisms will both revitalize soil biology and stimulate turf growth.

Step 3 – Protect the Turf
Environmental extremes like heat and drought can cause significant turf stress. A kelp-based soil conditioner will reduce summer stress and feed the turf when it needs it most.

Step 4 – Build Root Growth
Deep roots create healthy, green, dense turf. A biologically active organic fertilizer will promote deep roots and lush growth.

Step 5 – Winterize
Organic Potassium Humate will harden off the turf for winter and add beneficial nutrients to awaken the turf in spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What About Weeds and Crabgrass?

A: Remember, we are transitioning to a chemical free approach. We will continue to use all means necessary to eliminate unsightly weeds from your turf. We are implementing a three-year plan and by the end of the third year we should have no need to use any chemical inputs. However, in the event that an outbreak occurs we will not allow turf quality to suffer. If you have weeds, we will make them go away. We will treat only where the issue exists and not the entire lawn. The treated areas of your landscaping will be flagged for your reference.

Q: How Does Organic Lawn Care Control Weeds and Grubs?

A: After the soil underneath your turf has been organically improved and the natural ecosystem has been restored, the turf will essentially be resistant to many insect and disease infestations. Chemical inputs eliminate as many beneficial insects as they do harmful insects. Truly organic turf does not require preventive insect controls, however, during our transition period; we may still employ a chemical control product. New research has created many safe and natural controls as well.

Q: Are the BeeSafe products safe to use around children and pets?

A: Yes. Our products are made from natural products and are non-toxic. There is no re-entry time after the application. Children and pets can go on the lawn immediately after it is treated.


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