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Sponzilli Landscape Group provides commercial landscape maintenance services to some the nation’s most recognizable companies. We strive to ensure that the excellence our clients are recognized for is elegantly conveyed in the appearance of their facilities.  From weekly maintenance to seasonal color displays, we handle every aspect of a company’s evolving landscape.

Why Sponzilli

Maintenance Services

Our many years of experience ensure that we know exactly when to prepare, plant, treat, maintain and renew your landscaping, so your grounds will look their best the year round.  Our landscaping maintenance services include:

  • Spring and Fall Cleanup

  • Mulching

  • Seasonal Color & Displays

  • Organic Lawn & Plant Care

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance & Care

  • Lawn Aeration & Seeding

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

Landscape Maintenance at Falls Bridge Meadows
Preferred Choice for Landscape Maintenance

Sponzilli Landscape Group is the preferred choice for homeowner associations and community managers throughout Northern New Jersey.

From the moment we begin working within the community, we develop a comprehensive plan that will help the landscape improve and a landscape maintenance plan that will sustain its beauty for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance Program
Landscape Maintenance Program

We offer a comprehensive Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Program which provides a client with all the necessary elements of services, products, care, and supervision to keep the landscape looking its best. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly services include mowing, adjusting sprinkler heads and time clocks, pruning shrubbery and ornamental trees, identifying pests that attack plant material, treating for weeds and poison ivy, fertilizing, and feeding the lawn and plants. We also provide organic lawn care.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance Teams

Navigating the specific concerns and requirements of each community is challenging, and not every landscape company has the education and knowledge to handle the demands of community life.

Our professional and experienced landscape maintenance teams are uniformed and overseen by working supervisors to handle daily work orders and report to property managers.

Let Us Show You

Landscape Renovation and Maintenance at Allendale Park

Commercial landscape renovation and maintenance is shown here for seven office buildings at the Allendale Park commercial complex in Allendale, NJ.

Part of the scope of the project was to re-landscape the buildings within the commercial park. We also maintain everything we’ve planted.   Our focus was to install plants that were easy to maintain but add color and texture to the building.

We removed a number of plants within the industrial park and added new plants including Karl Foerster grasses and spirea which will provide beautiful color in the summer.  Boxwoods were chosen because they are deer resistant and provide a nice green color throughout every season.

The next phase of landscape renovation includes tearing out an old railroad tie retaining wall and replacing it with a dry laid cinderblock wall paving system.

Landscape Management for HOAs – The Manors – South Orange, NJ

This video shows you all the details and the level of a landscape management required at The Manors in South Orange, NJ to keep the property looking its best.

Through our landscape management practices, we identified the plant material that doesn’t thrive in these soil conditions and environment. They were replaced with certain species such as boxwood and barberry that are deer resistant and provide as much year round color as possible. We also identified which existing plants were healthy and sustainable and got them to thrive with proper fertilization and plant care management.

Some of the species of trees are not thriving due to unique water and soil conditions, so we are making recommendations on which should be removed and which species would fare better.

Landscape management isn’t just about cutting grass. It’s about looking at the overall property and all the elements that make up the landscape. Our job is to determine the best way to service that property and to give it its best look that is sustainable for long periods of time.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Fall Cleanups
Woodland Hills and Hilltop Farms HOAs

See Commercial Landscape Maintenance at its finest as Sponzilli performs Fall Cleanups at lightning speed. In early November Sponzilli does their first round of three fall cleanups at Woodland Hills and Hilltop Farms HOAs.

With a small army of landscaping staff and a high-powered vacuum truck, giant piles of leaves are gathered and removed from the property in minutes. Ornamental grasses and perennials are cut back for the winter and the lawns are mowed to keep the grass looking nice and neat in the wintertime.

With experienced staff, top-notch equipment, and great teamwork, landscape maintenance is completed quickly and efficiently with no leaf left behind.

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