Public Courtyard Landscaping at 9 Polito Way in Lindhurst NJ

9 Polito Way - Public Courtyard with Open Seating

Lyndhurst, nj

Client: 9 Polito Way
Landscape Design: 
Sponzilli Landscape Group

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9 Polito Way, formerly Copper Ridge Center, is a beautiful 10-story low-rise office building in Lyndhurst, NJ. The owners were looking to add a public courtyard space with open seating for their tenants. They wanted something that would stand apart from other office centers in the area.

Sponzilli Landscape Group designed an artistic and inviting space with open seating, shade, and beautiful plantings that would be aesthetically pleasing year-round.

The first step was to remove all vegetation from the area. Sponzilli’s masonry division then installed the patterned brick paving throughout. Table seating and unique large umbrellas were installed to provide additional shade.

A custom water feature was designed to be centered on the main entrance doors of the building. This feature serves as an appealing focal point to those exiting the building and provides ambient sound for those enjoying the seating area.

The planting plan was painstakingly designed to provide color, texture, and beauty throughout the seasons. Included are evergreen and deciduous shrubs and a variety of perennials and grasses.

Among the many plantings are drift roses, which are tough, disease resistant, and winter hardy. The low spreading drift roses repeat bloom from spring until the first frost, brightening areas with beautiful color.

Gold Thread Cypress was included to accent with its stunning yellow-gold color and soft threadlike foliage.

Annabelle Hydrangeas add large white flowers that often continue into the fall with spectacular beauty. These and a host of other plantings ensure a landscape at 9 Polito Way that is always thriving.

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