World Trade Center – Liberty Park – Green Wall

New York, NY

Developer: NY/NJ Port Authority
General Contractor: TB Penick & Sons
Landscape Architect: Joseph E. Brown
Sponzilli Project Manager: Dan Sponzilli

Over 22,000 plants were used to create the living wall located on Liberty Street in New York City across from the 9/11 Memorial.

The 336 ft.long wall stands at 25 feet high and will serve as a grand welcome to the people who visit the area of Liberty Park and the underground vehicle security center at the World Trade Center.  826 panels were installed along this massive wall to hold the six different varieties of plants utilized to make up this artful structure. The steel panels, placed on the wall, were secured in place by highly qualified professionals utilizing a scissor lift and teamwork.

The varieties of plants used in the green wall installation include Goldenstar, Baltic Ivy, Japanese Spurge, Periwinkle, Coral Bells and Winter Creeper. This assortment of plant species, combined with a staggered panel design, allows the living wall to have a dynamic appeal full of textures, colors, and continual new growth.

All plants on the living wall were first cultivated horizontally to ensure that their roots were anchored firmly into the soil. The plants and their panels were then stood upright to ensure that the roots had more time to grow and mature in a vertical position prior to their installation. Irrigation tubes with small weep holes were strategically placed throughout the wall to ensure the plants’ abilities to stay healthy and thrive.

This substantial project required 18 designated drip zones to safeguard against drought and NYC’s horrendous heatwaves.

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