Hudson Club Landscape Maintenance

24 Avenue at Port Imperial
West New York, NJ

Landscape Maintenance by:
Sponzilli Landscape Group

Landscape Maintenance at the Hudson Club
Sponzilli Landscape Group maintains the landscaping at the Hudson Club on New Jersey’ Gold Cost. Originally built in 2001 by the Roseland Corporation as a rental community, the Hudson Club was renovated in 2006 into condos.

This condo community, on the banks of the Hudson River boasts beautifully maintained grounds which include a waterfront promenade, pool, courtyard, lawn, stunning seasonal plantings, and a perfect view of Midtown Manhattan. Through plant care management, we ensure that everything on the grounds thrives with Sponzilli’s signature plant care management program.

Landscape management is much more than just mowing grass. It’s about looking at all the elements that make up the landscaping and how to service the property to keep it looking its best for the residents.

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