Outdoor Lighting Magic

Montclair, NJ

Lighting Design by
Jason Sponzilli

Landscape Lighting Installation by
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting
Sponzilli Landscape Group

NJLCA 2023 Award Winner
Design/Build – Landscape Lighting

This award-winning landscape lighting project, dubbed Montclair Magic, was designed by Sponzilli Landscape Group’s Jason Sponzilli. The lighting installation was completed by Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, owned by Sponzilli.

The lighting design was created for this one-of-a-kind estate in Montclair, NJ, an extremely large property.  The design included seven lighting zones and over 150 fixtures. A bucket truck was required to light the upper level of the home, including its peaks and chimney.

The homeowner wanted to showcase their home and its many architectural details. The warm color temps which graze the brick veneer and the beautifully balanced tones from end to end, make the home a stunning showpiece at night.

Sponzilli’s Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting’s masterful use of lighting techniques provided elegant curb appeal and enhanced security for the homeowner.

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