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Soothing and Relaxing

Water features most often become the focal point of any landscape. Whether formal or naturalistic, we can design water features to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere or those that will provide the sensation of complete resort living.

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Pool Waterfall
Landscaped Waterfalls

Whether an ostentatious, roaring cascade or a gentle, calming trickle over the rocks, waterfalls add unique sights and sounds to your landscape and have the ability to influence both your emotions and your mood. Waterfalls are one of the most popular of the water features due to the soothing sound of water flowing over stone. We custom-design waterfalls to help drown out traffic noise, add curb appeal, soothe the soul, or to create a resort-like atmosphere on your property.

Waterfall into Pond
Landscaped Ponds

We can custom-design ponds from the simple, to the naturalistic, to full-blown ecosystem ponds with plants, fish, filtration and aeration. Whether large or small, with or without a waterfall, each is unique in its design and adds beauty to your landscape.

Landscaped Pond
Landscaped Streams

Including a stream in your landscape design provides added dimension and intrigue. Streams can be custom-designed to appear naturally carved into your landscape. From a slow trickle to a full blown babbling brook — we’ll create this unique water feature to suit your desires.

Landscaped Pond and Fountain

Fountains can be installed in such a wide variety, including within a pond, pool, or spa area.  There are stairway fountains, multi-dimensional or multi-tiered fountains, and a wide variety of container fountains.

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Soothing to the Soul

By blending water features with inspired landscaping design we can create the impression that they have always been there — compliments of Mother Nature.  No matter what choice you make, formal or informal, expansive or a small bubbler, fountains are eye catching and provide the wonderful sound of running water which can be relaxing and soothing to the soul.

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