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Bringing Urban Areas to Life

Urban landscaping and construction requires the collaboration of architects, surveyors, landscape designers, horticulturalists and conservationists to create a space that enhances the surroundings, improves or maintains natural environments, and brings an urban area to life.

Sponzilli is the facilitator of choice to expedite the many complex logistics of restrictions, ordinances, permits and zoning requirements.

Why Sponzilli

Urban Landscape 3D Design
We Understand Urban-Restrictions

Our expertise is in navigating the complexities of urban restrictions and permit requirements, such as lane closures, sidewalk permits, tree permits, crane usage, and the myriad logistics of the pre-planning stage.

Urban Landscaping at Bushwick Inlet Park
Accessible, Functional, Sustainable

Urban landscapes are painstakingly constructed to create an accessible, functional, sustainable, and environmentally sensitive space a midst an urban setting.

Landscaping at NYU Law School
Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Landscape Construction in an urban setting takes into consideration where plants, trees and shrubs are placed, and how the plantings will relate to the climate, sun exposure, and existing structures.

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