Featured Landscaping Project Fall 2013

The landscaping for this home in Harding Township, NJ was installed at the same time the house was being built which made for a very crowded work site.

The back yard landscape had to be nestled between the home, driveway, protected wetlands, septic tanks, and stormwater detention fields. The original home on the property was relocated and re-purposed into a detached garage that would double as a music studio.

A rectangular pool and patio were designed in such a way as to make a “connection” between the garage and the main house. The landscaping design solution included a sunken pool to provide more emphasis and stature. Instead of fencing the pool itself, we fenced the entire property. Metal deer fencing was used on the side and rear yards. A 3-rail split rail with deer fence extensions was used in the front of the house for a more rural look.

The stone used on the outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and walls were chosen to match the natural stone façade of the home creating a stunning outdoor living space. The outdoor kitchen, featuring Lynx appliances was designed using granite with a “leathered” finish.

Other features of the landscape design included unique lighting fixtures, bluestone pool coping, bluestone wall cap and treads, fiberglass pergola, and entry piers with an automated gate entry.  Click to View Before and After Images of This and Other Landscaping Projects.

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