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Sponzilli Landscape Group Sponsors ASLA-NY

Sponzilli Sponsors ASLA-NY and This Year’s Design Awards Sponzilli Landscape Group of Fairfield, NJ continues to invest in leadership within the landscape design industry by proudly announcing their sponsorship of the American Society of Landscape Architects of New York and their showcase of urban landscape design awards on April 18th. Sponzilli Landscape Group has taken … Read more

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Do you want to increase the value of your home while making it more appealing to guests or maybe even potential buyers? Many homeowners put all of their energies into capturing their style within the interior of their home and forget to maximize their outdoor look with curb appeal. The external part of your home and property is the first impression you make to guests and often it is the most lasting; try these 8 simple ideas for creating curb appeal and stepping up your exterior’s look.

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Top Landscape Design Trends for 2016

Landscape design trends come and go, but quality design components that are sustainable and low maintenance never go out of style. Knowing the timeless elements of design is important to the foundation of any landscape project but using ideas from outside-the-box will always increase your design’s special and unique qualities. Aesthetically pleasing landscape design typically … Read more