Corporate Campus Landscaping Services

Landscape Design Ideas for Corporate Campuses

Landscape design ideas for corporate campuses bring life to areas that would otherwise be sterile and uninspiring. Corporate headquarter campuses are becoming standard in the workplace to shape an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community. A key feature on these campuses is their landscape where outdoor spaces are being created for … Read more

Urban Landscape Design

5 Urban Landscape Design Trends Growing in Popularity

Here is a look at the top 5 growing urban landscape design trends businesses are going green over. Plants are amazing! They are beautiful and calming as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  As more businesses are discovering the benefits of providing outdoor spaces, several different urban landscaping ideas have emerged and have grown … Read more

Sponzilli Landscape Group – World Trade Center – Liberty Park Green Wall

Sponzilli Landscape Group World Trade Center – Liberty Park Green Wall A Featured Project on!     In the world of Urban Landscaping there are a few landmark Green Wall projects that really stand apart….and one of them is certainly the Liberty Park Green Wall at the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. This … Read more

Residential Green Walls and Vertical Gardens

You may have noticed that green walls are beginning to pop up everywhere. Many commercial properties have been taking advantage of their vertical areas for years but recently this trend has begun to make its climb in residential design.  Green wall systems have become less expensive to manage.  They are practical and aesthetically pleasing and … Read more

Landscape Design Trends - Outdoor Living

Top Landscape Design Trends for 2016

Landscape design trends come and go, but quality design components that are sustainable and low maintenance never go out of style. Knowing the timeless elements of design is important to the foundation of any landscape project but using ideas from outside-the-box will always increase your design’s special and unique qualities. Aesthetically pleasing landscape design typically … Read more

Green Wall in Pocket Park

Sponzilli Completes Landscaping and New Green Wall at TIAA Pocket Park

Sponzilli Landscape Group has completed one of their latest landscaping projects in New York City, the TIAA Creff pocket park located at 685 3rd Avenue by 44th Street. In addition to its exterior green wall, stretching a full 36 feet high, the all new pocket park contains ponds, decorative stone, locust trees, and dramatic lighting. … Read more

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