Benefits of Choosing an Estate Maintenance Plan

This blog covers everything about landscape maintenance plans and why they work best. We’ll talk about exactly what’s included in estate management and the services provided. A landscape maintenance plan is crucial to every property. It provides longevity for the beauty of your landscape. No matter the season, there are benefits to choosing an estate … Read more

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Weeds, Harsh Chemicals and What You Need to Know

Weeds have been the bane of lawn and landscaping care for centuries. Thanks to a green revolution happening in the lawn care industry today, people are showing more interest in organic weed prevention. Once thought to be ineffective, organic products have been refined and perfected. Now organic lawn care is coming into its own with … Read more

Hardscaping: Expectations vs Reality

Using hardscape concepts is a great way to beautify your outdoor living areas and lessen your landscape maintenance. This type of landscaping can add a new dimension to the look of your home, but you always have to weigh your expectations against what you can actually achieve. There are factors that have to be considered … Read more

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Wildlife Resistant Plants and Landscaping

A beautiful lawn improves your home’s curb appeal and your quality of life. Landscaping that includes your favorite flowers and trees will lift your spirits. It personalizes your yard, and by extension, your home, to your personality and unique tastes. The challenge, however, is to include both those plants that bring you joy and that … Read more

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Start of Summer Landscaping Tips

With the summer months quickly approaching, we are all eager to tend to our landscaping before the pool parties and barbeques (hopefully) begin again. We put together some tips that will help you get your outdoor area in the best shape to enjoy the warm weather.  Have Your Sprinkler System Checked It is always best … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Designs by Sponzilli

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Editor’s note This blog was originally published on April 9, 2015 and has been updated to include new information and additional images. Design trends show that more homeowners want functional outdoor space to unwind and entertain. This desire has significantly increased the popularity of outdoor kitchen designs and installations. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can increase … Read more


Spring Landscaping Ideas

Do you have a plan for Spring this year? Need some Spring landscaping Ideas? Creating a checklist with things to accomplish around your house is one of the best ways to get in a routine of making positive changes to your home and property value.

Pruning in Winter

Pruning in winter will help your landscape flourish and stand apart come spring. Knowing when to prune and how much takes forethought and experience to get the job done properly.  Pruning is often considered to be one of the most difficult gardening practices and surprisingly, winter is a great time to provide maintenance services to … Read more

Frost Heave Explained

Have you ever walked outside on a cold winter morning and noticed that your plants have moved? Or that your deck has shifted and some of your stonework isn’t quite as straight? You aren’t imagining things; this natural occurrence is called frost heave.

Landscape Fire Features

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

For thousands of years people have gathered around the fire.  There’s something in all of us that is attracted to the warmth of a fire on cool evenings and the relaxing atmosphere that the soft light of a fireplace or fire pit can add to any outdoor setting.