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Landscaping 101 for Beginners

Landscaping 101: What You Need to Know About Working with a Landscape Architect  When planning a landscaping project, you may not realize the full scope of work. For example, it’s not unusual for homeowners or business owners to find that there are significant rainwater runoff problems that are not addressed with their current landscaping — … Read more

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Hardscaping 101

How Hardscaping Adds Function to Landscaped Properties When it comes to transforming outdoor spaces into new and functional places that add beauty and privacy, hardscaping is an essential design tool. Hardscaping gives your landscaping design a sense of permanence, seamlessly blending the outdoors with indoor comforts. Working with an experienced hardscape contractor will make your … Read more


How to Soften Your Hardscaping

A beautiful landscape typically has a balance of hardscaping and softscaping elements. Hardscaping includes the non-living portions of your landscape, like bricks, concrete and stone. Softscaping represents the living things that grow within your landscape, such as trees, grass, plants, and bushes. The following is a closer look at how to soften your hardscaping to … Read more

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