Landscaping 101 for Beginners

Landscaping 101: What You Need to Know About Working with a Landscape Architect 

When planning a landscaping project, you may not realize the full scope of work. For example, it’s not unusual for homeowners or business owners to find that there are significant rainwater runoff problems that are not addressed with their current landscaping — but an expert landscape designer can quickly spot this. Even seeing where your gutters and downspouts flow can help these create a functional and beautiful design for your exterior space. Without the right drainage, you might discover that your expensive plants and hardscapes are being washed away or are causing damage to the environment surrounding your home or office. Fortunately, when working with a trusted landscape designer, you can find the ideal balance of beauty and functionality that will accent your property while staying within your budget.

Getting Started with Your Landscape Architect

One of the first things considered in landscape architecture is the vision of the property owner. Do you want to see a stunning backyard with a pool or a modern exterior garden? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a way to prevent runoff from around your driveway or other exterior spaces. Designers will work with you to capture your vision. They can also share details of projects they’ve completed in the past to spark your imagination or help you envision your space in a new way. Once your landscape partner is clear on the direction you want to pursue, they will define a budget and work plan and detailed drawings of the space.

When planning a landscaping project, you may not realize the full scope of work.

Solving Functional Challenges with Artistic Designs

Your landscape professional will be looking for ways to solve the functional challenges of your space — all while staying with your stated budget. This process may take a few rounds of revisions, so be patient! Spending time on upfront planning will help ensure that your project will proceed quickly and efficiently once the actual work has been approved and begun. If your landscaper notices an issue outside the realm of the work they generally do, they might be able to refer to you another trusted professional to help you achieve the look that you want.

Creating a Workable Strategy for All Types of Landscaping

As you begin the journey with your landscape architect, it’s important to note that they may introduce new concepts to the conversation. While you may have your heart set on a specific type of plant or design, your designer can help you understand whether that particular option is right for your location. For example, if you’re living in a climate that can be dramatically colder in the winter than in the summer, it’s important to have plants that can withstand the temperature swings throughout the year. Stone and other hardscape design elements need to be carefully considered to be sure they can handle the melting of ice or snow without significant movement or damage over time.

When planning a landscaping project, you may not realize the full scope of work.

How Sponzilli Can Help

Having access to a landscape design professional not only ensures that your space will look amazing, but can even save you money. Whether you’re working on a backyard, pool area, commercial space, a garden, or adding hardscape, your landscape architect has knowledge of materials and plants that will thrive in your climate. Plus, you’re gaining access to professionals with years of experience in their field. Contact the professionals at Sponzilli Landscape Group at 973-244-1410 or fill out our quick online form to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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