How to Soften Your Hardscaping

A beautiful landscape typically has a balance of hardscaping and softscaping elements.

Hardscaping includes the non-living portions of your landscape, like bricks, concrete and stone.

Softscaping represents the living things that grow within your landscape, such as trees, grass, plants, and bushes.

The following is a closer look at how to soften your hardscaping to create an appealing design.

How do you Soften Hardscaping?

Softening your hardscaping can be more complicated than it sounds, especially if you’re not sure what materials to use. That is why it’s always best to work with a professional.

If you are looking for some design ideas and inspiration to soften your hardscaping, consider the following:

Use Plants

By strategically placing plants and shrubs around your hardscaped areas, you can make your hardscape and landscape appear much softer.

When designing an outdoor space, it is much more cost-effective to have a square patio or pool installed. The edges can appear harsh but incorporating bushes into your design can soften the corners of your hardscape elements.


Add Decorative Elements

A less considered method of softening your hardscape is by using non-living objects. Decorative elements such as chairs, planters, and benches, can work wonders in terms of softening patios.

This is also a simple way to add your personality and design taste into your landscape. Try incorporating seating in a rounded formation with colorful or patterned pillows.

The right seating provides functionality while helping to balance the aesthetics of the space.

Plant Trees

Lastly, although this may be one of the most time-consuming methods of softening your hardscaping, planting trees is an excellent idea for anyone looking to spruce up their landscape.

Your landscaping company will help you decide which trees would work best and where they would thrive. They also know all the zoning policies. 

soften your hardscape

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to soften your landscape design, there are plenty of options for doing so.

By adding plants, planting trees, or by incorporating decorative items like benches and chairs, you can enhance your landscape design.

No matter which design elements you love, be sure that you consult a professional to execute your dream space.

Working with a landscaping company like Sponzilli is especially important if your plan includes features like a retaining wall, patio, spa, or pool. They will ensure all your projects are built to last and are up to all applicable codes and ordinances. Contact us today at 973-244-1410.

Editor’s Note:  This blog has been updated on Novmeber, 2021.

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