Waterfront skyline view of The Spiral at Hudson Yards in New York City

NYC Landmark Projects by Sponzilli Landscape Group

Trends in Urban Landscaping Green outdoor space has always been at a premium in NYC. Tourists and residents alike have flocked to Central Park to enjoy the relaxing (and rare) Manhattan greenery. But things are changing fast. Today, an exciting trend in urban landscaping is turning outdoor spaces into calming, green getaways. They offer a … Read more

Pathway on garden terrace at NYU Langone Hospital

Landscaping for Hospitals and Medical Complexes

Hospitals and medical complexes are critical in our society. They are places of healing, birth, and, unfortunately, sometimes death. Within their walls, people experience great joy, intense sorrow, and unimaginable stress. It’s natural that building planners and administrators are constantly seeking ways to comfort and improve the mental well-being of all who stay, visit, and … Read more

Evans Alliance Launches New Sponzilli Landscape Group Website

Fairfield, NJ – June 2019 – Sponzilli Landscape Group, a leader in the design and installation of award-winning urban, commercial and residential landscaping projects in New York City and New Jersey, is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website at https://sponzilli.com/. The new site features a clean, modern design and user interface … Read more

Well Designed Outdoor Spaces Offer Big Dividends to Urban Businesses

The trend for more functional and accessible urban outdoor spaces continues to grow. Businesses are reaping the benefits in improved employee productivity, stress reduction, and a greater sense of customer and visitor satisfaction. Companies are finding that well designed outdoor spaces offer big dividends to urban businesses.

Urban Landscape Design

5 Urban Landscape Design Trends Growing in Popularity

Here is a look at the top 5 growing urban landscape design trends businesses are going green over. Plants are amazing! They are beautiful and calming as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  As more businesses are discovering the benefits of providing outdoor spaces, several different urban landscaping ideas have emerged and have grown … Read more

city landscape landscaping green

Concrete Jungles to Enjoyable Green Spaces in City Landscapes: 3 Positive Impacts That Help Urban Landscaping Change Lives

Once, the rooftops across cities like New York were bleak and bare, but today urban landscaping designs are changing this. Parks are only a fraction of the green spaces that are beginning to cover city streets. Today, any useable space such as rooftops and walls are being planted for decorative landscapes or urban gardens. Green … Read more

Beneficial Impact of Urban Landscaping

Urban areas are expanding today faster than before! Not only are they bustling with businesses, but also with millennials and increasingly, families too. With such a diverse and growing dynamic, many ideas also flourish in urban spaces.  Such ideas include the need to create green spaces for busy eyes and stressed minds within the concrete jungles of … Read more

Sponzilli Landscape Group – World Trade Center – Liberty Park Green Wall

Sponzilli Landscape Group World Trade Center – Liberty Park Green Wall A Featured Project on Greenroofs.com!     In the world of Urban Landscaping there are a few landmark Green Wall projects that really stand apart….and one of them is certainly the Liberty Park Green Wall at the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. This … Read more

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