Concrete Jungles to Enjoyable Green Spaces in City Landscapes: 3 Positive Impacts That Help Urban Landscaping Change Lives

Once, the rooftops across cities like New York were bleak and bare, but today urban landscaping designs are changing this. Parks are only a fraction of the green spaces that are beginning to cover city streets. Today, any useable space such as rooftops and walls are being planted for decorative landscapes or urban gardens. Green space and urban landscaping is making a positive impact on people’s lives by revitalizing and changing communities in the following ways:

Community Involvement in Areas That Were Once Forgotten

Some urban areas have suffered from modern-day changes and communities that were once thriving have suffered. Today, urban landscaping projects help to change communities for the better by creating spaces and gardens that help reunite once close-knit communities. Some of the urban landscaping projects that can improve communities include:

  • Community gardens
  • Urban farm planning
  • Parks in abandoned spaces

These are just a few of the ways urban landscaping can help change communities for the better and bring people closer together.

Rooftop Gardens That Make Green Space Possible in The Most Densely Populated Areas

In areas where the concrete jungle is so populated, the only place to go with landscaping is often up, up and on the rooftop. Adding a simple garden to the roof of your business or home can add valuable green space in areas where land is hard to come by. Today, there are also complete professional landscaping designs that can give you a beautiful lawn and outdoor living space in the middle of a city where there is very little space available. Some of the things that can be part of rooftop landscaping include:

  • Grass lawns and turf
  • Landscaping structures like arbors
  • Vegetable gardens and small fruit trees
  • Hot tub and swimming pool areas


In an urban setting where land is at such a premium, the roof space of homes and business are valuable areas where you can add landscaping and create additional living space.


Positive Improvements That Help Businesses Blossom Like the Flowers In Their New Landscaping

The concrete jungles around the world are turning green thanks to great architecture and landscape planning. Green spaces help improve the quality of life in areas that were once mostly pavement. Businesses also benefit from the improvements that urban landscaping provide communities. The positive impact on peoples’ lives helps businesses thrive. Some of the benefits of urban landscaping green spaces include:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Lowered crime rates
  • Improved business growth
  • Reuniting communities in a positive way

These are some of the positive ways urban green spaces helps people and the communities they live in. For businesses, some of the improvements that can be done include:

  • Outdoor gardens for clients
  • Rooftop space with plants and seating
  • Additional seating for restaurants and other venues


Today, when you take a walk through the concrete jungles of any urban city, you will find a lot more than just concrete pavement and asphalt surfaces; there are now gardens and beautiful landscaping projects popping up everywhere. If you live in an urban area and want to make a positive change with urban green space, contact Sponzilli Landscape Group to make your outdoor space stand apart.


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