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To Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Do you want to increase the value of your home while making it more appealing to guests or maybe even potential buyers? Many homeowners put all of their energies into capturing their style within the interior of their home and forget to maximize their outdoor look with curb appeal. The external part of your home and property is the first impression you make to guests and often it is the most lasting; try these 8 simple ideas for creating curb appeal and stepping up your exterior’s look.

Wash Up
Never underestimate the power of a good scrub. Power washing the exterior of your home, walkways, and fences is said to increase the value of many homes by $10,000 to $15,000. Hire a professional or rent the equipment but don’t wait any longer to get the dirt and grim off of one of the largest investments you will ever make!

Make it Inviting
Stay true to the architecture of your home but add elements of your own unique style to make it personal. Replace your old beat up door or paint it for a pop of color. Throw away your winter-scorned door mat and finally get that front porch you have been thinking about by creating a design with pavers or colorful tiles for detail. Make your mailbox a part of your welcoming design by incorporating hardscape materials and plants that tie into the front of your home. Add new house numbers and hardware to your mailbox and door to complete the look.

If you can see the foundation of your home, try working with your landscape designer to plant greenery and/or flowers that will keep the area looking lush and covered. You might also consider placing stone paneling on the foundation, in addition to planting, to ensure that the area remains appealing during the winter months. Placing camouflage on other issues that may present themselves, such as electrical boxes or AC units, can be accomplished by creating wooden boxes and painting them the same color as your home.

Studies have shown that people will gaze at people, places and things longer when they have a symmetrical look. Make your home have a lasting curb appeal that captivates by creating a landscape design that is equal on both sides of the front of your home. So, instead of getting just one potted plant for the front steps get two and then start counting the compliments.

Instant Container Garden
If you have greenery in your yard but not a lot of color then creating a container garden in the front area of your home will help give the area the pizzazz you’ve been looking for. Keep in mind the tenets of symmetry and clusters (people recognize and recall objects better when the object is alone or in a group of three or five) to keep the design in-line with the rest of your home. If you don’t have a lot of space on your front steps or porch for a container garden contemplate going vertical to create a green wall project!

Arbors and Fences
Adding an arbor or fencing panels to your front yard can breathe new life into a garden, entrance or backyard gate. If you like the “secret garden” look, speak with your landscaper about choosing plants that will climb up the arbor on your path; if a modern or contemporary feel is more your style use a dark stain on your wood furnishing to achieve your look. You can disguise a lot of unsightly issues and camouflage away the things you don’t like by incorporating fencing on your landscape.

Outdoor Art
Art in landscapes is completely underutilized. Placing a sculpture, statue, or fountain in your yard can draw in the eye and set your home apart from others. A creative piece can attraction people’s attention and diminish their focus from other areas that may be lacking.

Landscape Lighting
Don’t let your curb appeal disappear with the sun; add landscape lighting to keep your home’s beautiful qualities shining day and night. Spotlight specific areas or plants and don’t forget to keep lighting and lighting fixtures symmetrical for a lasting impression!

Bronze Sponsor for the ASLA-NY Annual President’s Dinner Gala

2016 GROW Conference

Members of the Sponzilli Team attended the 8th annual GROW Conference in Dallas, Texas to support leadership within our industry. Experts from all over the country presented and discussed high-end residential and commercial design and maintenance. 

Winter Training

We believe training is an essential part of building a strong team. Through training we are able to adapt techniques, gain new insight and build relationships which produce a higher level of quality and growth throughout our operations.

“Winter Training reinforces our commitment to quality, safety and growth by giving team members a review of best practices and the skills to use cutting edge technologies. This season we were able to provide the team with insightful information about the process of landscape design and the many components that must come together to complete the final product.

We ask our team members to be leaders on every jobsite by embracing planning and showing dedication to their work; training is a chance to show team members we are invested in them as individuals as well as the growth of Sponzilli” Jason Sponzilli.


Project: Residential Landscape Design,
Towaco, NJ

Sponzilli Managers: Aaron Van Duyne IV & Andrew Lastella

Project Description:
Irregular Bluestone was used to create the natural looking design of this patio. A custom built fireplace, with a steel frame construction, was designed to complement the patio’s look by incorporating a natural stone veneer. A cedar pergola overhead allows the space more dimension and shade from the elements. The urn water feature next to the patio creates another striking focal point that adds ambiance and sound. Unique lights were used throughout the property to brighten up particularly dark areas for safety and to highlight the custom design of the landscape. A Flowering Plum tree, Boxwood and Liriope grasses were planted to bring life and color to the design.

Customer Testimonial:
“…I have to tell you that it was an absolute pleasure working with you. Regardless of what else you had going on, I always felt that my project was the most important one on your list….and I truly mean that. Every week you sent me detailed updates and you kept to the schedule. The whole project went perfectly and it is an absolute relief that this was done in 2015. I can rest easy knowing that I don’t have to worry about this in the Spring before my daughter’s graduation party at the house. This centerpiece will get quite a bit of attention and I will be sure to let everyone know who did it.

Thanks again for all of your help, diligence and communication throughout the process. Not easy to find people who focus on those important things these days. Thank you again and Happy New Year.”

Anthony J. Cherichella


AOLP Certification

As Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technicians, we are able to offer clients a nationally accredited standard for the installation of their outdoor lighting. The AOLP principles ensure the utmost level of safety at each jobsite by giving technicians tools and best practices to absorb and uphold. Our Team gained inspiration and a greater knowledge of commercial, residential and feature-focused trends that are currently happening in lighting design throughout the certification process. Becoming members of the AOLP has increased the effectiveness of our team and our ability to guarantee quality to clients.

We’re Growing

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