Working with a Professional Snow Removal Company in New Jersey

Does your current snow removal company seem to let you and your business down when you need their services the most? Perhaps you feel as though they just aren’t living up to your expectations.

Not properly managing snow and the associated damage can lose your business money and possibly present a lawsuit if a potential customer slips and falls because of improper cleanup. You will never have these concerns again when you rely on Sponzilli Landscape Group.

We are here not only to handle snow removal but to be a proactive participant in ensuring safe access to your establishment for both consumers, clients and staff. We are the premier snow plowing and removal company in New Jersey and the surrounding counties of New York.

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Rely on Our Professional Snow Removal Services for Your Commercial Business

Since 1971, Sponzilli Landscape Group takes pride in being a proactive leader in ensuring that ice and snow are no boundary between patrons and their destination in parking lots, driveways and businesses. We stay apprised of what weather conditions may be heading our way, so our teams get out and do pre-inspections and perform pre-treatments in advance of heavy snow falls. This proactive approach helps to avert issues and ensure that your business can resume safely.

We’re here to help keep everything in order, even during a horrible snowstorm. Once a storm passes we aren’t done. One of the biggest benefits of professional snow removal services is that our professional staff goes out and does post inspections to determine whether any damage has been done to your pathways and access points on the property. A Sponzilli manager follows up to make sure everything’s the way it should be.

Professional snow removal services, benefits of professional snow removal, snow plowing, landscaping, removal contractor

Don’t Worry about the Weather

You don’t need to stay apprised of weather alerts only to be concerned. Here at Sponzilli, we partner with a weather service that keeps us apprised about impending bad weather such as snow. We know days in advance often about an upcoming snowfall or serious squall conditions. It is always best to know what you are facing ahead of time, and we feel like this is our best ‘weapon’ in the arsenal against an upcoming storm.

This allows us to get our full landscaping team on board with a feasible snow plowing plan to benefit our commercial business clients. We use liquid brine maker and spray equipment, and our trucks and equipment will be well prepared before most owners even know the storm is coming.


  • Sponzilli Landscaping Group is on call 24/7.
  • We offer peace of mind to our clients knowing we are on task before, during and after a storm.
  • We will alert you with any issues related to damage or concerns about storms.

Call the Dedicated Snow Removal Professionals at Sponzilli

We are an award winning company amid the realm of landscape design, construction and lighting. However, property managers and owners have been trusting us with their snow removal contractor services for decades. We have the best equipment, a superbly trained team of experts and dynamic communications and dispatch on our side. If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of professional snow removal in New Jersey and southern New York, don’t hesitate to give Sponzilli Landscape Group a call at 973-244-1410 today. You will never feel buried under the snow again!


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