Rich Sponzilli Honored with 2015 Dean McNulty Award

Richard Sponzilli, President and Owner of Sponzilli Landscape Group, was awarded the prestigious Dean McNulty Award for Service.

Every year, this distinct honor goes to one outstanding community leader for their dedication to community leadership and outreach to others in need. The 2015 winner, Richard Sponzilli, has served his community for decades by offering support and jobs for people in need. He has donated an abundance of his time and resources to help others and is well known for his commitment to excellence, teamwork, and positivity.

Richard Sponzilli was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey and after finishing high school, was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam. After his return he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Masters of Psychology from William Paterson University.

Sponzilli began teaching after college but decided to start  cutting lawns to supplement his income to take care of his growing family. It wasn’t long before his lawn business began taking off. Richard Sponzilli struggled with the decision to leave his position as a teacher because of his desire to give back to his community but soon found other ways to reach out to others.

Sponzilli has coached basketball, participated in the National Kids Construction Club, and helped young autistic men in his area. He believes in second chances and helps others find theirs by providing an organized, disciplined and positive approach to young adults who have completed the Straight and Narrow Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.

Sponzilli is well known for his compassion, kindness and support for his community and anyone with whom he has contact.

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