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Waterline Square Park, NYC, innovatively combines modern architecture and sustainable landscape design. Its 2.6 acre site is adjacent to the West Side’s Hudson River Park and is accessible to residents and the public alike.

Waterline Square Park is part of the Riverside Center complex that spans eight acres from West 59th Street to West 61st Street. Riverside Center Plaza is flanked by three residential towers that also offer abundant retail space.

Visitors to the park enjoy its manicured lawns, over 200 large specimen trees, thousands of native perennials, and attractive pathways that intermingle with an innovative water feature that runs throughout the park.

Key Waterline Square Park project members include:

  • MNLA—Landscape Architect
  • AECOM-Tishman — Construction Manager
  • Sponzilli Landscape Group
A small hill and walkway at Waterline Square Park

Sponzilli installed all greenery, the park’s signature water feature, and the Corten steel edging and walls that allowed for unique landscape features.

See the Waterline Square Park project profile of the landscaping work.

Embracing New York City’s Past, Present and Future

Waterline Square Park is part of the exciting transformation of New York City that includes revitalizing New York City’ waterfront areas.

“[Waterline Square] is just one in a string of new parks on Manhattan’s Far West Side . . . which has played a critical role in the transformation of the post-industrial waterfront. Waterline is on the former grounds of the New York Central railyard, adjacent to the decommissioned IRT Powerhouse, and it links to the nearly borough-length Hudson River Greenway.” (links removed)(Matthew Marani, The Architect’s Newspaper, “The MNLA-designed Waterline Square Park welcomes with arboreal landscaping”)

Marani celebrates the way Waterline Square Park embraces its environment.

“The 2.6-acre park takes a different approach than that of the fortresslike superblock of Hudson Yards to the south, in that it embraces the existing street grid within its layout and provides a sense of connectivity to the Hudson River park system across West 60th Street. MNLA designed with porosity in mind: The park descends toward the riverfront in an amalgam of pathways, sloped plantings, terraces, and a bubbling brook—features that, in their accessibility, invite harried pedestrians and anyone seeking a break from the cacophony of Manhattan to explore them.” (Matthew Marani, The Architect’s Newspaper, “The MNLA-designed Waterline Square Park welcomes with arboreal landscaping”)

Waterline Square was further commended for the way it harmonizes with the existing environment.

“Landscape and buildings work in harmony to sculpt a dynamic public space that leverages topography, massing, and vegetation to create an inviting and livable neighborhood green. The development brings together five building architects, whose distinctive yet complimentary towers are united by a landscape that appears to be carved from the same natural forces as the structural design.” (Landezine International Landscape Award, “Waterline Square by MNLA”)

“The broad expanse of 60th Street diffuses into fine-grained pathways as it enters the site. These pathways melt the scale of the superblock into intimate public gardens. As circulation progresses from the urban edge to the river’s edge, broad avenues and open spaces break down into a finer network of paths and gardens that step down towards adjacent waterfront open space. City chaos and energy are left behind as one crosses a wood boardwalk over and across a small meandering stream; an exquisite moment of intimacy within the landscape.” (Landezine International Landscape Award, “Waterline Square by MNLA”)

The Landscaping Is Receiving Praise

The landscape greenery is sustainable, functional, and embraces the changing seasons with new colors and textures.

Lush greenery and benches at Waterline Square Park, NYC

“Abundant flora makes the park transportive. Of the more than 40,000 plants, many are arranged functionally as sunscreens and wind blocks. The location and choice of plantings was also determined in part according to their seasonality and health within the complex’s microclimates. ‘As spring takes hold, the banks of the riparian fountain come to life as beds of crocuses poke through the snow . . . Summer’s ornamental grasses sway gently in soft breezes while drifts of sun-loving perennials such as meadow sage, echinacea, and verbena glow with color within the meadow berms,’ said MNLA principal Molly Bourne. ‘These grasses and perennials erupt into breathtaking swathes of fall texture that ultimately lend themselves to winter interest and pollinator habitat. Native conifers create warmth and insulation as they block prevailing winds and noise from adjacent highways and form a lush, evergreen backdrop that contrasts beautifully against winter’s frequent gray skies.’” (Matthew Marani, The Architect’s Newspaper, “The MNLA-designed Waterline Square Park welcomes with arboreal landscaping”

View of water, grass, and walkway at Waterline Square Park, NYC

The unusual water feature is distinctive and unique.

“A long-vanished pre-settlement stream course became the park’s inspirational transect. In the heart of the project, choreographed fountain jets delight. Water is then transformed into a channelized stream bed that glides past an expansive event lawn. As the site spills towards the Hudson River, riparian waterfalls cascade beneath the boardwalk and the once-linear water channel begins to meander and carve space. This transformation creates several program opportunities and numerous ways for users to experience and interact with water.” (Landezine International Landscape Award, “Waterline Square by MNLA”)

Exceptional Amenities

The 100,00 square foot Waterline Club offers remarkable indoor amenities.

“The Waterline Club was designed by the Rockwell Group and is anchored by a three-level atrium that connects all 30 of the curated amenity spaces with ‘sculptural pedestrian bridges and a dramatic staircase that, in a nod to the development’s waterfront location, was inspired by a boat’s wooden hull,’ according to the press release.” (Dana Schulz, 6sqft New York City, “Waterline Square’s amenities include an indoor skate park, full tennis court, and a rock-climbing wall”

“The impressive list of perks includes an indoor tennis court, half-pipe skate park, full-court basketball court, a soccer field, a 30-foot rock-climbing wall, bowling alley, fitness center, a 25-meter saltwater pool, spa room, art studio, music studio, and much more.” (link removed) (Devin Gannon, 6sqft New York City, ”See New York City’s newest public park at the Upper West Side’s Waterline Square”

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