Adding a Water Feature To Relax & Unwind

Your home is your sanctuary….well, at least that’s what everyone says. But between cooking, cleaning and taking care of everyone else, home is seemingly as peaceful as a Chucky Cheese on a Saturday afternoon. Now, summer is here and your head is spinning with days of entertaining the kids, barbeques, more barbeques, picnics, more picnics…what was that part about peaceful sanctuary again?

Creating a space in your yard where you can relax and unwind is more than important, it is necessary for sanity. Earplugs might give you a little slice of peace and quiet, but they won’t necessarily bring your stress level down and they certainly won’t bring your family together.

So what kind of magical spell is it that will soothe anxieties and enrich your family time? Well, it’s not magic but it does involve creating a space that is enjoyable to everyone in an area that isn’t confining with aesthetics such as a water feature that generate a soothing and relaxing feel.

The term water feature is very broad; ranging from a fountain that trickles to a streaming waterfall of rapids. Deciding on what kind of babbling brook you want in your yard can differ depending on the amount of space you have and what elements are already in your outdoor area. If you are just beginning the process of designing your landscape then you have the opportunity to establish a water feature as a focal point that can truly make your yard stand apart.

If you have already built specific areas into your landscape design, envision ways in which a water feature can add to your ambiance and décor. Think big and add a waterfall to your pool or pond; think intimate and place a smaller vase-like fountain in a garden to make a tranquil refuge or romantic scene.

The soothing sound of any water feature in your yard will entice you to sit back and relax. The noise pollution in your neighborhood will disappear and you will be left in your own private resort. So throw out those earplugs and assess your landscape for your opulent new water feature; a serene oasis could be right outside your door!

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