Adding Audio & Video to Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you ever have to choose between entertaining outside in your new outdoor living space or keeping friends inside so you can all watch the big game?

Do you want to add ambiance to your pool area, or listen to favorite music while closing your eyes and catching some rays?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the solution is simple. Look into adding audio and video to your outdoor living spaces.

A professional outdoor audio plan for landscaping and outdoor living

Adding Outdoor Audio

Music can soothe the soul or wake up a quiet get-together. Add audio to your outdoor space to help set the mood.

Specially designed state-of-the-art outdoor sound systems will enhance your new outdoor living space. With the right equipment, speakers, and speaker placement, the sound quality you experience will be second to none.

Friends gathering in your outdoor kitchen or bar area will have fun mingling with the chef as they listen to music you selected just for the occasion.

Remember the days of giant speakers ruining a room’s décor, and having to choose between great sound or attractive design? Today, your outdoor sound system can be discreet in design.

Simply hire a company that specializes in outdoor audio. They will develop a plan to place speakers properly for a top audio experience, but ensure they are unobtrusive in your space’s design.

Are you worried that adding audio to your backyard might bother your neighbors just over the fence or hundreds of feet away? There’s no need for concern. A well-planned outdoor audio system will provide rich sound that isn’t masked by outdoor noises, or annoying to your neighbors.

Specially designed outdoor audio elements easily meet the challenges that come from nature. Water or corrosion cannot damage them. The sun’s UV rays won’t cause any harm either.

Outdoor audio designs can even accommodate several audio zones. Your kids don’t appreciate your music or vice versa—no problem!

Outdoor bar and kitchen with video screen and lighting

Adding Outdoor Video

Family and friends alike will also enjoy a state-of-the-art home theater system in your outdoor living space.

An outdoor living space design can easily accommodate two separate viewing areas. Just imagine friends watching a golf game at the bar area, while kids enjoy the latest movies at a nearby, but separate, viewing area. Everyone’s happy!

Or how about catching up on your favorite TV series while you float in your pool or relax in your hot tub? Binge watching your new favorite show no longer needs to mean wasting the day inside. Instead, spend the day relaxing in your outdoor pavilion, enjoying both nature and TV.

Most TVs need to be protected from the weather. You’d probably never dream of keeping them outside. This could end up being a costly mistake.

However, now there are TVs that thrive outside. They are sealed and weatherproofed. The cold, heat, rain, and even snow can’t hurt them. Gone are the days of worrying about humidity hurting your electronics. Worried about bugs calling your TV home? This can’t happen either.

We can easily mount outdoor TVs in your backyard. And with the wide variety of screen sizes to choose from, you will find the perfect TV to accommodate your outdoor space.

Beyond Outdoor TV

Is your outdoor living space the go-to gathering place for good friends and family? If so, you may want more than a TV outside. You may want an outdoor projector screen where all can gather for some great outdoor entertainment.

An outdoor projection theater will make your home unique and the place to be to watch that much-anticipated game or movie. Think about all the people you will invite to share the fun with you. And you can even cater the event from your outdoor kitchen and bar area.

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Lighting

When incorporating outdoor audio and video into your space, don’t forget about lighting. Lighting adds both function and ambiance.

However, poorly placed lighting can distract from the outdoor viewing experience. Annoying, too-bright lighting can interfere with viewing a TV screen, or shatter the ambiance created by your new sound system.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting in New Jersey provides lighting that enhances and complements the entertainment experience without fighting it.

It’s Time to Make Your Entertainment Dream a Reality

If you want to create a new outdoor living area, our residential design gallery has lots of ideas for exciting outdoor spaces.

And be sure to think about audio and video, for a new or existing outdoor space. It can elevate your backyard to a level you never thought possible.

At Sponzilli Landscape Group, we specialize in creating exciting outdoor living spaces that include audio, video, and lighting. We can create and execute a plan specifically for your outdoor kitchen, bar, pool, dining, or entertainment area.

Contact us so we can discuss how to make an invitation to your backyard, the hottest ticket in town!

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