The Art of Xeriscaping: The Landscape of the Future

Xeriscaping is a fantastic way to combine cost-saving ideas with eco-friendly measures. This type of landscaping is best for reducing maintenance and water usage with a modern design.

Not Just A Desert Landscape

Xeriscaping originated as a means of water conservation in the Western United States. Recently, landscapers have brought it into the mainstream as a smart landowner choice. This form of landscaping minimizes costs while maintaining curb appeal.

Xeriscaping uses textures of rocks, pebbles, and gravel to create an intricate landscape. It can be shaped to complement accentuating trees, shrubs, and grass.

Not only does this type of landscaping offer more depth than a standard green lawn, but it also requires less maintenance.

A simple drip line is installed for plants, which means using less water for plants to thrive. Since the water drips directly on the base of the plants, less water is lost to evaporation.

But, don’t think that this means you will be looking at a landscape of bare rock. A good landscaper will integrate methods of traditional greenscaping with xeriscaping elements for a luxury landscaping look.

Xeriscaping for Your Style

Everyone has a different aesthetic. Xeriscaping offers diverse options for your style. Some of the possibilities for xeriscaping with plenty of lush greenery include:

  • Utilizing stone in flowerbeds surrounding plantings
  • Small to medium areas of grass near patios or modes of egress
  • Pathways lined with grass and/or plants
  • Water features with surrounding plants
  • Privacy hedges and trees

You will pay less for the maintenance to keep your xeriscape looking pristine.  And, if the cost savings aren’t enough, xeriscaping is a beautiful option for year-round landscaping.

Elements to Add to Your Xeriscape Design

There are many plants that you can add to your xeriscaped yard. Fortunately, you don’t have to go with the typical look of white stone and cacti. There are plenty of alternatives to use in your space such as:

  • Succulents: sedums, hens-and-chicks, moss plant, ice rose
  • Drought tolerant-small leafed plants: thyme, Corsican stonecrop, candytuft, moss phlox 
  • Reflective leafed plants: lavender cotton, Russian sage, wormwood
  • Ornamental grass: bluestem, prairie dropseed, purple love grass 
  • Other elements: natural stone, fountains, gravel, colorful rock pathways, mulch, ponds, grass patches

Wave of the Future

It’s no secret that traditional green lawns are giving way to more modern xeriscaping. Businesses and homeowners are turning to this easier and more cost-effective landscaping option.

A hallmark of quality landscaping is being able to work with the environment to create a stunning space. Often, the goal while creating this landscape is to use the best available resources. 

For more information on ways to modernize your landscaping with a xeriscape upgrade, contact Sponzilli Landscape Group today!

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