Backyard Privacy Landscaping Ideas

Aside from providing beauty to your property, clever landscaping designs can also provide privacy. Our team at Sponzilli Landscape Group is here to provide you with backyard privacy landscaping ideas including information about what plants make the best privacy screens on your outdoor patio or yard. From trees to plants, we have you covered with details right here when it comes to outdoor security.

Investing in Outdoor Protection

While your security alarm system is there to keep you safe and provide peace of mind, your landscaping can provide privacy to help you feel at ease. Outdoor privacy in your backyard or patio can always come in handy. A tree-lined fence or patio plants can keep prying eyes and nosy neighbors out of your lawn or backyard. 

What Can I Use for Privacy in My Backyard?

The Sponzilli Landscape Group understands that you will feel more comfortable making changes in the backyard after you see what it will look like. Before we take any physical action, we take your vision and create a comprehensive 3-D landscape design plan for you to approve. This will include representations of plantings, lighting, drainage, hardscaping elements and even lawn furniture with full details. We want you to ‘virtually’ experience the newly revamped spaces and see just how effectively they will boost your backyard privacy. This helps determine whether fencing, plants, trees or a combination of these elements will get the site secured to your satisfaction.

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What Plants Make the Best Privacy Screens?

The availability of ample sunlight, nutrient-rich soil and drainage are carefully evaluated by our landscaping professionals to determine whether potted plants, trees or a combination of both will work best. The amount of space available will also play a large role in the decision-making process. If you only have a small yard, fast-growing potted plants that grow vertically and spread out horizontally might work best. Some suggestions for backyard privacy with plants include:

  • Resilient arborvitae is very popular for homeowners seeing a living fence that duals as a privacy screen.
  • Cypress trees come in several species, and all of them ensure a tall barricade without spreading out too far. These can stay in pots for years before requiring replanting in the ground.

Our site experts will help you determine whether plants, a specific type of tree or a combination of both will work best for your needs. We will likely recommend plants being installed in a layering fashion to prevent losses due to a pest or disease attack. Essentially, creating a thicket of shrubs, evergreens or clusters of perennial grasses along the property boundaries can add depth and a variety of textures that complement the yard year-round.

backyard privacy landscaping ideas, what can I use for privacy in my backyard, what plants make the best privacy screens, outdoor, patio, yard, tree

Establishing Backyard Privacy with Tree Installations

Sunlight and water drainage are pivotal in ensuring tree installation success long term. In our region, the most common choice for homeowners are spruce trees, specifically evergreen trees such as the Norway and blue spruce varieties. These types of trees require little to no maintenance, naturally grow high and are tolerant of most soil conditions. We typically install these trees in a linear fashion that can establish a ‘fence line’ without the need for an actual fence.


  • Backyard privacy is pivotal and not wanting a fence or having the availability of one can present challenges.
  • Sponzilli can install potted plants or evergreen trees to provide an effective natural barrier.
  • We will determine what landscaping will work best for your needs and provide upkeep when needed under a contract.

Sponzilli Landscape Group Offers Privacy in the Backyard

The Sponzilli Landscape Group is an award-winning company that is highly respected amid the local community in New Jersey and southern New York. Contact us online today or call us at 973-244-1410 to learn more about our landscaping services that will ramp up your privacy.


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