NJ Building Compliance Codes for Landscaping

If you have been thinking about redesigning your landscape to be more practical, better for entertaining, or multi-functional for the whole family, then determining how to achieve your dreamscape is the first step in the process of making your vision a reality. Knowing what permits may be required and understanding which New Jersey township building compliance codes will have to be met is an important consideration.


Depending on the scope of your project, a number of certified professionals may be required to complete the job according to industry standards. To begin the process of remodeling your property, decide if your project will include construction or demolition, fencing, a pool or spa, an outdoor kitchen, patio, or lighting. New Jersey codes state that the following projects need approved permits for them to be deemed assets to your property.

Increasing Power Service to your Home

This includes new wiring and additions to electrical panels for lighting, pools, and outdoor kitchens.

Installation of New Pipes or Changes to your Water Service Connection

For pools or spas, sprinkler systems, fountains, kitchens or bar areas.

A Change to Your Gas Connection or Pipeline

Including the installation of a grill or outdoor oven, fireplace or firepit.

Demolition or Construction of Structures on your Property

The removal or construction of sheds, pavilions, or cabanas. The installation of driveway post lights, fencing above six feet, and the enclosure of or construction of decks.

Additions or Changes to your Hardscaping

Designing a patio, building retaining walls, stairs or fireplaces and new hardscaping or resurfacing to a driveway area.

Safety should always be the number one agenda for any demolition or construction on your property. If certified professionals such as a gas specialist or an electrician are needed to complete work on the project, seeking a Landscape Architect is a helpful way to lessen the burden of drafting plans, finding licensed professionals to coordinate with on the project, submitting the necessary paperwork to gain permits according to township regulations, and finally implementing the design.


Implementing your landscape design, however big or small, is a process that should be carefully considered and planned out. Enlisting the help of a certified professional during the development stage can save you time, money, and the hassle of incomplete paperwork and failed township inspections.

Turnaround time for permit approvals by New Jersey townships are expected to take approximately a month to complete. Don’t let another season go by without the landscape of your dreams; start planning now so that you can be cooking on your new grill and swimming in your new pool this summer!


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