Camouflage Your Pool Equipment with Efficiency and Style

With summer around the corner, your pool is going to get a lot of use. Whether you plan to use the space for your family or friends, you want the area around your pool to look beautiful, decluttered, and professional. One of the most significant issues diminishing your pool’s aesthetic is equipment. Fortunately, many stylish solutions exist to keep your equipment out of sight and organized. Camouflage your pool equipment with efficiency and style by following these tips: 

1. Trellis Pool Screen

Hide cluttering pool equipment behind a trellis screen covered in gorgeous greenery. Not only will your equipment be out of sight, but the screen offers a way to bring some colorful flowers and vines into your poolscape. Inside the screen, add hooks and shelving to the walls to keep your equipment organized. This kind of screen is as beautiful as it is functional and can provide a luxurious backdrop to your area.  

2. Hollow Stone Cover

Large pumps and filters can be hidden beneath hollow landscaping stones. These rock look-alikes will blend into your existing landscaping while keeping your equipment accessible. Disguise the rock further by surrounding it with lush plants or an attractive rock garden.  

3. Storage Seating

For smaller items, consider turning your outdoor seating options into functional storage units. Develop a stylish seating area with padded benches around the pool. These seats can easily house small items such as pool maintenance items or toys. For more organization, divide the interiors into cubbies to separate different types of objects. You can also leave them open to accommodate pool nets and longer equipment if need be. Cover the bases with stained wood or stone for a classic look that flows with your surrounding landscape. 

4. Stone Wall

One of the most elegant solutions to hide your pool equipment is a stone wall. It will create a stunning backdrop for your pool area. Choose a stone that compliments the rock around your pool. Add complementary tones of rock for extra visual effect. Incorporate flowers, vines, or even a zero-descent waterfall to give the wall a rich aesthetic appeal. Behind the wall, you can hide anything from your A/C unit to toys, and no one will ever know. All guests will see is a lovely part of your landscape and a stunning focal point. 

5. “Green Screen”

Transform a portion of your backyard into a beautiful green storage unit. Add large bushes such as Boxwoods or Daisy bushes. By keeping them widely pruned, you can create a green screen for your equipment. If ornamental grasses are more your style, we suggest using maiden grass or morning light. These types of grasses can easily be transformed into a greenscreen. Both grow high enough to block any unsightly equipment from view. Don’t use any plants that may become a hazard when getting your pool equipment. Rose bushes, for example, will make it difficult to get your equipment because of their thorns. Also avoid plants that drop a lot of fruits, flowers, or needles. These plants will clog equipment, adding unwanted work to your relaxing pool day. 

These are just a few of the creative and stylish ways to camouflage your poolscape. Use one or all of them to hide your pool equipment and keep your landscape as beautiful as possible. 

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