Create Ambience with Water Lighting

Light is an essential component to create the perfect nighttime landscape. Water and light work beautifully together to produce a striking focal point in any yard. The addition of water lighting creates ambience in any outdoor living space.

Whether you’re looking to light a pool, fountain, or pond there’s a perfect combination to take your landscape from standard to stunning.  

Submerged Color-Changing Lights

For high-traffic areas such as pools, consider adding submerged color-changing lights. This makes it easier to adjust the lights to your immediate needs.

This form of lighting is taking over the pool lighting world. Putting two lights at each end of the pool no longer cuts it. Led and fiber optics is quickly becoming the new standard in pool lighting.

Will you have a lot of children swimming in the pool? Put the lights on bright white to illuminate the space and enhance safety.

Are you looking for a romantic swimming atmosphere? Tone the colors down to a warm glow instead. Color-changing lights are a great choice if you want to be able to create a mood.


Accent the most beautiful parts of your waterscape with spotlights. This technique works well with features like waterfalls and fountains. Proper light placement catches the mist and ripples off the water for a dancing effect.

Carefully consider where you will need to put your spotlight. Your light fixture placement should not disrupt your landscape flow.

Think about surrounding the visible side of the light with tasteful foliage. You can also place your spotlight to shine from behind your waterfall. This allows light to shimmer through the water.

Tips for Adding Water Lighting to Your Landscaping

Put Some Thought into It

Your lighting features should be placed where it will look good and where it will promote safety. 

Consider All Angles

Where on your landscape will you be viewing your lighting most? What angle will be the least distracting and offer no glare? 

Underwater or Above-Water Lighting

Placing your lighting in or above the water offers very different effects. For ponds, we suggest overlapping both forms of lighting. This gives your water feature a more fulfilling and professional look. 

Think About Maintenance

While water lighting adds a serene effect to any yard, it also requires maintenance. Because your lighting will be in constant contact with water, the fixtures face more wear.

Install quality lighting fixtures that have a warranty. Ask your landscape lighting designer about maintenance plans and repair. During the spring and summer, keep your lighting clear of debris. Your fixtures will last longer. 

Don't Go Cheap on Water Lighting

Of course, the thought of spending a lot of money on water light fixtures may not agree with you. It’s the only way to go to light a water feature. Cheaper fixtures will not last in the long run because they aren’t watertight. The more expensive the fixture, the less likely you will ever need to replace it

A touch of light can make all the difference in how you enjoy your nighttime hours outdoors. At Sponzilli Landscape Group, an award-winning company specializing in landscape design, we know precisely how to illuminate your space so you can enjoy it both day and night.

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