Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Your front yard’s landscape is the first impression the outside world has of you. Whether it’s a small front lawn or an expansive vista, improving curb appeal is what proud home owners are typically after. Creating the initial front yard scheme may be a bit overwhelming for some. With the help of an experienced landscape professional, your front yard landscaping plans and inspired ideas can quickly and easily become an extension of your personal style.

Curb Appeal

Make Your Front Yard Landscape a Destination

  • Curved Walkway – Utilize the natural curves of your landscape to create a meandering walkway that guides you to your home. An elevated stairway to your front door with seasonal plants to welcome you and your guests will give your home a destination feel.
  • Proportionality – Create a look that is correctly sized and proportional to your home, driveway, and green space. If you have a ranch style home keep the height of garden beds and retaining walls to a minimum. Choose plants that will not become easily overgrown so that walkways stay unencumbered and plant beds stay fresh and vibrant.
  • Fill Empty Spaces – Instead of having a large lawn to mow, place more exterior pathways and plants in your front yard landscaping. Make a statement by incorporating an island of plants with landscape lighting and a statue.
  • Creative Hedges – From flowering shrubs to evergreen hedges, there are plenty of gorgeous possibilities for your privacy and desired curb appeal. Modern homes may work well with tall thick hedges creating a maze-like design to the front of the home.  Fencing with an archway of hanging blooms offer a romantic style.  A tranquil fountain and stone can create a serene feel.

Landscape Ideas

Plants for Your Front Yard

  • Repeat Plants – Whether you are looking for hardy shrubs to give your lawn a definite geometric contour or swaying grasses that provide a meandering path with blooming flowers, the best designs utilize similar plants and trees. Maintain continuity by using ten or fewer types of perennials and two types of trees and shrubs that are of similar variety.
  • Plants and Shrubs – Choose perennials that have vibrant colors according to the seasons. Purple is a color that tends to work for any season or architectural style of home.
  • Ornamental Trees – Watch the seasonal patterns of your landscape to make a prudent decision about trees to plant in your yard. Ornamental trees can be one of the more expensive plants that you will purchase. Choose an ornamental tree that will grow according to the amount of sun, water and space in your yard. Make sure it complements the front yard landscape surrounding it.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Stand Apart

  • Curb Appeal – Create curb appeal that will draw the attention you want to your home.  Camouflage unsightly electrical boxes or ac units with a variety of quick fixes. Outdoor art is a unique way to incorporate statues, fountains or vertical gardens.
  • Landscape Lighting – Landscape lighting should be used along walkways and stairs to keep you safe.  It can also be placed in precise areas to highlight and accent specific features of your landscape. Illuminate the outside of your home to keep your curb appeal shining day and night.
  • Go Vertical – Create a vertical garden in the front of your house to welcome guests with fragrant flowers and herbs. Utilize the side of your home, your front porch or a fence to draw the eye up, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas in New York City and Northern NJ

If you want to learn more about front yard landscape designs, rely on Sponzilli Landscape Group. We have the experience to provide you with beautiful front yard landscaping plans and the expertise to make those plans a reality. Contact us today to find the perfect landscape ideas for your home!

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