Hardscaping: Expectations vs Reality

Using hardscape concepts is a great way to beautify your outdoor living areas and lessen your landscape maintenance. This type of landscaping can add a new dimension to the look of your home, but you always have to weigh your expectations against what you can actually achieve. There are factors that have to be considered when planning your landscaping and patio areas. 

Expectation: A hardscaping project can be completed quickly

Reality: A hardscaping project can usually take longer than a softscape. When creating the plan, you will have to account for the time it takes to run plumbing, set concrete, etc. While much of your hardscaping will take the form of decorative objects, laying the foundation will take the largest amount of time. Before you start to design your landscaped areas, you will want to determine a time frame for the completion of the project. If you already have a design, you will want to work with a contractor to determine how much time it will take to finish.

If you are planning to have your landscaping finished before a certain date, you will have to start early if you plan on including hardscaping features. These can take time to put in place and will also have an impact on your budget. You may also be limited on time depending on when you plan on starting your project. The changing of the seasons may also slow down your progress.

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Expectation: Hardscaping is less costly compared to softscape

Reality: Hardscaping a large area can be extremely costly, but it doesn’t have to be! Unlike softscaping, the cost of hardscape materials for landscaping, like different types of stone, is quite a bit more than those used in softscaping. Another difference between the two types of landscaping is the fact that you may be able to handle many of the tasks associated with softscaping on your own. Completing many hardscape ideas and concepts often require hiring a contractor to come in and lay the groundwork.

Thankfully, hardscape requires less maintenance than a softscaped property, saving you money in the long run. If the hardscaping needs to be repaired or replaced, then the costs will start to increase. To stretch your dollar, there are less expensive materials that can be used to fulfill your design needs. For example, concrete and gravel are less expensive options compared to a material like flagstone.

Expectation: Hardscaping Requires a Large Space

Reality: Hardscaping can transform any space, especially small spaces. The experts at Sponzilli have worked with a variety of spaces and configurations. However, the space and overall design of your home will limit what can be done with hardscaping features. Many hardscaping designs are very extravagant and elegant looking, but these typically require a lot of square footage. A more simplistic design can still give your home a stylish and modern look as with hardscaping, sometimes less is more.

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Expert Hardscaping Designs 

Hardscaping can add elegance and style to any home, but many people sometimes have trouble differentiating their expectations from the reality of what they can actually accomplish. Before you choose a hardscape design, do your research! Additionally, working with a professional landscaping company like Sponzilli will help make this process as painless as possible. Whether you choose hardscaping, softscaping, or a design that includes both, you are making an investment in your home. Contact the experts at Sponzilli today, to create your dream home!  

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