How to Use Pinterest for Landscape Design Ideas

If you have ever heard the term dreamscape and tried to envision what yours would look like, you’re not alone. Millions of people flock to social media daily to view news, trends, and pictures about landscape design ideas and tips.

Pinterest is a tool for collaboration that fosters communication and innovative opportunities

Social media has grown exponentially within the past few years, seemingly because we can connect with so many people and places all over the world from the comfort of our own homes. Understanding that concept has motivated Sponzilli to make life easier for our clients and team. We utilize social media platforms that are applicable to our industry and enjoy sharing projects, articles and team updates.

We have found that Pinterest provides a versatile way to connect. It has become more than just a way to engage, Pinterest is a tool for collaboration that fosters communication and innovative opportunities with clients.


Use Pinterest to Store Your Landscape Design IdeasAll of Your Landscape Design Ideas Saved in One Place

Most clients have been visualizing their perfect outdoors space long before they decide to put their plan into action and call a landscape architect. Yet, we have found that it can be difficult for clients to articulate what they want.

They have the picture in their mind, but no way to bring it to life with accessible examples of their own.

As landscape architects and designers, we create custom renderings, 3-D model walkthroughs and pictures of potential designs for clients to peruse before a project starts. Typically though, clients haven’t taken pictures of or saved all of their unique ideas in any sort of organized place.

That’s where Pinterest makes all the difference.

Pinterest is a platform of pictures and ideas. It allows users to “pin” or save pictures and articles they enjoy most. Pinterest gives people the ability to envision and elaborate on a topic all in one place.

From plants to pools to patios and terraces, the number of ideas you can collect and save are endless.

It’s a helpful visual tool for landscaping design and an even better opportunity to establish quality relationships with clients. Pinterest boards are a great way for a landscape designer to get a good grasp on what you’d like to have on your property.


Landscape Design Ideas on PinterestUsing Pinterest in the Landscape Design Process

Sponzilli welcomes the use of Pinterest to share ideas during the landscape design process.

A client and one of our design architects begin by creating, what Pinterest calls, a board. Here clients “pin” things they like from any website such as entire landscape designs, images of materials like stone or granite, various plants, outdoor kitchen appliances, bars, pools, fountains, outdoor showers, lighting, and so much more.

The possibilities are endless, yet organized when you have a place to set images up as a gallery of your specific desires.

Pinterest has increased our ability to better understand what our clients want and how we can design and build their dreamscape.

Utilizing Pinterest and social media has brought us closer to understanding our clients’ needs. It helps us to conceptualize creative and innovative ways to make each landscape design stand apart.

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