Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

Standing water is a problem for many property owners. It takes away usable space leaving your landscape soggy and full of pesky mosquitoes. That’s why the best drainage solutions will enhance your landscape and keep it from collecting pools of water. 

Beautiful yards are meant to be enjoyed, so when you have a problem, it can throw a wrench in your outdoor plans. If you have areas of stagnant water on your lawn, they can quickly become a mosquito incubator. Not to mention cause the destruction of your lawn, as standing water disturbs natural grass growth.

If something isn’t done to fix the problem, your relaxing yard can turn into an eroded and uncomfortable mosquito marsh. 

Drainage Problems

Stagnant water can come from multiple sources. The severity of the problem may depend on whether or not it is a chronic or periodic occurrence. Some sources of pooling water may include:

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Depending on the scope and severity of your problem, there may be one or more solutions to correct it. Some solutions are simple and quick while other may take a professional to get the job done the right way. 


A buildup of organic material can not only smother the lawn but also keep it from draining correctly. Occasional dethatching is a good idea for all yards. By removing dead and dying plant material, water can get down to the roots and prevent puddling.

Aeration, which requires putting small holes in your lawn, can counteract compact soil. You may have noticed that this is part of a routine for sports fields and golf courses where good drainage is critical for usability. 

Fill Spots/Regrade

If there is only one area that collects water, the solution may be as simple as filling that space with more soil. However, if the entire lawn is uneven, it could require more soil throughout. Regrading is one of the best ways to prevent future problems with stagnant water. 


Using swales could also be called a “go with the flow” solution. If you need a reliable path to drain water from a chronic problem area, a swale an be an effective feature. It is essentially a trench for drainage lined with rock.

This addition to your yard offers both function and beauty as a customizable aspect of your landscape. Choose beautiful river rock and water-loving plants for large areas or smaller stones and pebble for small spaces. 

French Drains

French drains are a method to shuttle water from one area to another via an underground conduit. French drains are a very effective and unobtrusive way to divert water from flower beds and low-lying areas that don’t drain well. They are particularly effective close to a home’s foundation.

Even if you aren’t seeing standing water around your home, you may still want to consider this option as a preventative measure. If water gets to your foundation it could start to crack

If standing water has ruined your landscape or home, contact the experienced landscape professionals at Sponzilli Landscape Group today.  We can help you find the right drainage solutions to keep your looking its best.

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