Landscaping for Your Home’s Style


Though many homeowners dream of having beautiful yards, many don’t really put much thought into the actual landscape planning process. It seems easy to simply plant flowers and shrubs that you like as you go along, but this can cause various problems throughout your landscape. If you don’t plan with professionals to create a design for planting, hardscaping, and the construction of outdoor living areas in your yard, you’ll likely end up with landscaping that doesn’t match your vision or your home’s style. Here are a few reasons that it’s important to landscape according to the architecture and design of your home.

Fit in With Your Neighborhood

If you live in a Victorian home and most of your neighborhood has  Victorian style houses, planting a modern garden with contemporary features will make your home stand out like a sore thumb. Even though your unique landscaping might get attention for being different, it may not be the positive attention that you are looking for. Creating exceptional areas in your landscape that are meaningful to you and designing focal points that are cohesive but show a stand apart approach, will help ensure that you maintain the value of your home and give it flair. Landscaping for your home’s style can provide a cohesive look that helps your home blend in beautifully with your neighbors’ homes in its own unique way.

Avoid Homeowners’ Association Issues

Have you looked into your homeowners’ association rules on landscaping? If you live in a community with an association, there’s a chance that there are rules about landscaping your property. It is fairly obvious that if all your HOA neighbors have grass and you rip up yours to turn your lawn into a desertscape, people are going to get upset. You may not know that if you have shrubs near your home that deer won’t stop eating and you decide to replace them with a different variety of plant, your homeowners association may still be upset if it is not an approved plant species. With many HOA’s, continuity is key, leaving little space for personal creativity. There are many ways a professional landscaper can add style to make your home shine in its own way while sticking to a community’s style, rules and regulations.

Maintain Your Home’s Value

You may want to put your home on the market one day, and you don’t want your landscaping to get in the way of getting the best possible price. By landscaping to complement your home’s style, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and help ensure that it retains its resale value if you decide to sell it in the future.

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