Landscaping Increases the Market Value of Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home or wondering what you can do to make your home worth more? If so, consider new landscaping.

Enjoy the benefits of new landscaping now and when you sell, since landscaping increases the market value of your home.

Landscaping is an Investment in Your Home

Beautiful landscaping increases your home’s value. Tired, poorly maintained landscaping detracts from your home’s perceived value.

It’s as simple as that.

The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends homeowners invest about 10% of their home’s value into landscaping. This includes landscaping such as trees and shrubs and hardscaping such as patios and firepits.

For a home valued at $750,000 you should expect to invest $75,000 into landscaping improvements.

A drone view of a backyard patio with a bar, dining, and seating areas

A Study on Landscaping Value

A seven-state study by the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia State University sought to determine how landscaping affects a home’s value, and which design elements were most important to buyers.

Study results showed that design sophistication was the most important landscaping element.

And we agree. Design sophistication that shows an understanding of excellent landscape design never goes out of style.

It ranked the importance of residential landscaping elements this way:

  • 42% said design sophistication was most important
  • 36% said plant size was most important
  • 22% said diversity of plant type was most important

Additionally, the perceived value of a home with beautiful landscaping was as much as 13% higher than the perceived value for the same home with no landscaping.

The study also showed that simple landscaping with smaller plants often detracted from the perceived property value.

If You’re Planning to Stay in Your Home and Want to Increase Its Value?

If you want to upgrade your home, but want it to have lasting increased value, new landscaping is a great way to go.

A newly remodeled kitchen can soon look outdated and lose its value and appeal to your buyers and to you.

But sophisticated landscaping improvements never become stale or dated. In fact, trees and shrubs mature and become more valuable.

Best of all, imagine the years during which you’ll enjoy your new greenery or outdoor living space. And then, when you’re ready, you’ll get to sell your home and cash in on your investment!

What Beautiful Landscaping Says to Buyers About Your Home

Beautiful landscaping gives the potential buyer a sense of home, peace, and enjoyment. It also lets your prospect know you take excellent care of your home.

This increases perceived and actual value.

When buyers see a well-executed outdoor living space, they know there’s a lot more square footage to enjoy.

Outdoor living spaces serve as additional outdoor rooms where future homeowners can relax, entertain, cook, or even watch a movie.

What Realtors Say About Landscaping Enhancements

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) published a study on return on investment for residential outdoor features and landscape enhancements.

Reported results include:

  • Standard lawn care service results appeal to buyers the most; It recovered 267% of the estimated cost
  • Landscape maintenance and tree care recovers 100% of cost
  • Consumers view outdoor fireplaces, firepits and irrigation systems as a huge plus
  • New decks, water features, statement landscape, and new patios received very high ratings on their “joy” scale
  • Pools only recovered on average 43% of investment

Curb Appeal Attracts More Buyers

Realtors agree that a home with attractive landscaping may well sell faster than a comparable home with no landscaping.

This is because it will attract more buyers.

Homebuyers don’t want added work and expense once the deal is closed.

They also appreciate the benefits of mature landscaping, which are shade and privacy.

A back yard with well-designed landscaping

Cohesive Landscaping Is Key

To bring in the most money, landscaping needs a cohesive look. Otherwise, it simply appears chaotic.

Homeowners benefit from having an experienced landscape designer create a unique property design plan.

Even if you don’t implement the entire design in a single year, all enhancements can adhere to the plan and add to an aesthetically pleasing look.

Easy Landscape Upgrades to Benefit Your Home Sale

If you are selling your home soon, here’s how you can give your landscaping added appeal:

  • Freshen up lawns and edging
  • Add colorful container gardens throughout the property
  • Keep property and lawn weeded and immaculate
  • Spruce up planting beds with colorful flowers
  • Install a thick bed of mulch around gardens and shrubs
  • Landscape the pathway to your house
  • Fix broken fences or decks

Buyers will appreciate the care you put into your landscaping and will probably assume this extends to your house, as well.

Beautiful outdoor kitchen with built-in refrigerator, grill, and sink

Current Directions in Landscaping and Hardscaping

People are spending more time at home than ever before. Home is now a favorite place to relax, recharge, and entertain on a small or grand scale.

New outdoor living spaces add entire rooms to a home’s square footage. Potential buyers remember these homes and want to make offers faster!

In New Jersey, people enjoy their outdoor spaces from early spring through late fall.

Some popular landscaping upgrades include:

  • Fireplaces and firepits
  • Kitchens and bars
  • Multi-level patios
  • Entertainment centers
  • Lighting to enhance entertaining and provide security
  • An automated sprinkler system that only waters when it’s needed

Landscaping That Can Detract from Your Home’s Value

Landscaping Features to Avoid

When you prepare your home for the market, plan to appeal to the most buyers possible.

Here’s a list of landscaping features to avoid adding if you’re planning to sell soon:

  • Water features. Loved by some, but others feel they require too much maintenance and will want to remove them.
  • Not liked by all. Don’t add a fence and expect it to be a selling point.
  • Heaven for some and headaches for others. Many buyers won’t even consider a home with a pool.
  • Asphalt sports courts. They don’t have broad appeal.
  • Don’t plant messy fruit trees.

Property Features to Correct

Here are some property features you may want to correct before your home goes on the market.

These upgrades can increase your number of interested buyers and boost your home’s value.

  • Regrade sloping yards so areas can be used for entertaining and play.
  • Fix a slope that pitches toward your house and causes drainage problems.
  • Cut down trees that are too close to your house. During a storm, some trees can cause a lot of damage.

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