Lovely Landscaping OR Kid Friendly Yard – Why Not Both?

We often worry that our kids spend too much time inside. They don’t get exercise, fresh air and sunshine the way we want them too. But what is there for them outside? The high-end landscape design may be pretty, but there is nothing they want to do out there. And what if they wander out of the yard, or get hurt on some of the landscape features?

Plan for Fun

You can have a beautiful yard that is fun and inviting for kids. There are a lot of ways to get them excited about being outside. Let them help in the planning; ask what they want to do outside. If you’re concerned about what they may suggest, offer a few options from which they can choose. Swing sets, treehouses, sandboxes, mini golf greens or trampolines all make the backyard fun for everyone!

Learn to Grow

Plan for an area your child can plant his or her own garden. It can be outlined in a way that matches the rest of your landscaping plan, and will give your child a place that is “theirs”. Gardening together as a family will help children learn about nature, about agriculture, and about the satisfaction of eating what they grew, or seeing their flowers on Mom’s table.

Think Safety

Make sure the yard is safe for children. Use organic fertilizers and lawn treatments. Put a fence around the yard, and keep pools and firepits safely away from young children’s access. Alternatively, have the water in your yard in the form of a fountain which it is safe for them to play in anytime.

Bring the Family Together

Play in the yard with your children. Leave enough open space in the yard for kids, parents, and friends to run around and play. A Landscape Designer can help you plan so that the play area compliments your entire beautiful landscaping space. Build a gazebo or pavilion for shade with plenty of seating for everyone to relax. There are many ways to make your landscape fun for the whole family. Play spaces and outdoor entertainment areas will add to the appearance of your yard and give kids space to play and learn.

Enjoy your yard with your children. Admire his plants. Praise her climbing skills. Sit together in your yard drinking hot chocolate on a chilly fall evening next to the fire. Time together as a family is priceless; don’t miss your chance make this summer one filled with family, friends and outdoor fun!

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