New Green Roof at AVA High Line Building

Sponzilli Landscape Group, Leaders in NYC Urban Landscape design and development, create a green roof 14 stories above the High Line at Chelsea’s Avalon Bay Condominiums. Chelsea is already one of NY City’s hottest neighborhoods… and now residents of the AVA High Line Building will be able to enjoy another landmark project by the Sponzilli Landscape Group. This innovative green roof is perched 14 floors above the High Line… only footsteps away from the galleries, night life, and vibrant community life that are some of the hallmarks of Chelsea.

The soon-to-be-green rooftop landscape is the masterwork of New York City’s new leader in urban landscape design, Sponzilli. The plan called for 6,700 square feet of BIOtrays by Green Roof Solutions. These trays are made of coconut husk fiber and are filled with mineral soil and planted with three varieties of sedum. Eventually, the BIOtrays break down and create a monolithic system as their decaying components will gradually nourish the mineral soil by providing additional organic matter. But the result will be lush, green vegetation and a beautiful, peaceful setting in the heart of Chelsea.

The Sponzilli Landscape Group is one of the leaders in New York City’s rush to go green. They are responsible for such landmark projects as Yankee Stadium, Barclays Center, Carnegie Hall, The Chase Building and a host of other major league projects. “Green roofs transform urban rooftops into environmentally-friendly green space. This improves air and water quality and can provide a significant energy cost savings. Our Urban Landscape division’s experience with the challenges of green roofs and vertical landscapes enables us to customize a solution utilizing the best available technologies. Unlike traditional rooftop gardens that rely on individual containers and heavy planters, our green roof systems allow extensive plant cultivation over a wide expanse of the roof.” said Danny Spo0nzilli, Managing Partner of Sponzilli Landscape Group.

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