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Basking in a beautiful breeze on a cool summer’s eve, or over a delightful dinner get together under your pavilion, the affair isn’t complete without sublime surroundings to set your landscape apart. Sponzilli Landscape Group offers the highest quality services for garden design or theme gardens. And our landscaping is not exclusively for the residential property owner; we handle large-scale commercial designs as well. We believe beautiful gardens are a gift and we want you to enjoy yours all year round.



Love Your Decor!

We are part of this Earth, and as such it’s natural to enjoy the feeling of being among nature. Your garden’s design goes a long way in providing you with this sense of connection! How many varieties of flowers or succulents would you like to display? Would you like in-laid stone as opposed to gravel pathways? Do you want a gazebo for your guests to laze beneath? The arrangement should speak to you! And there is an unlimited number of combinations to find your personal ‘ghost orchid’.


Different Designs

At Sponzilli Landscape Group, we are multi-disciplined and always prepared to take care of all your design needs. We offer advice on everything from specimen selection of plants to garden layout in a wide variety of styles, so let your imagination run wild.


  • Asian Gardens

Perfect for a meditation corner, chic bamboo furniture and luscious ferns make a fabulous hangout for your Buddha buddies. We can add gentle lighting for elegance, a small coy pond for serenity or anything in between. Think about incorporating a little Zen into your life.


  • English Cottage Gardens 

Searching for splendid displays of color? The English Cottage Garden is a clear favorite among the many theme gardens.  Rustic arrangements of delicate roses or vibrant carnations make for incomparable aesthetic. And don’t forget the lavender. Whether for the front of your home or to accentuate your gazebo, this is an excellent choice for those looking to create timeless visual appeal as well as functionality.

  • Rain Gardens

Becoming increasingly popular in the home-gardening arena, this assembly of perennial plants is most often used as an irrigation area or a nutrient funnel, catching the storm water and allowing it to seep into the soil. A great way to balance out edible crops, rain gardens are size adaptable to fit the needs of your space!

Sow What You’re Saying

Based out of Fairfield, NJ we provide a wide array of landscaping services. We pride ourselves in bringing our utmost attention to detail and dedication to your project. So, whether you’re planning a theme garden, decor around your patio, or outfitting your office building’s appearance, we’re here to help create the dream garden you’ve been searching for!


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