Plant a Windbreak and Save on Heating Costs

Windbreak of Trees and Shrubs in LandscapingWinter is quickly approaching and nothing can chill you to the bone faster than the winds that bluster during this time of year.

If you’re tired of running from your car to your entryway, staring at your barbecue from inside your sliding door or trying to use your mailbox as a windbreaker while waiting for your children’s school bus, then planting a natural windbreak to block wind is crucial to not only your sanity, but it can help to save on heating costs.

Designing and planting a windbreak in your yard will allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors longer and make your home more energy efficient. You’ll save on heating bills and it will look great.

Plant a Natural Wind Blocking Barrier

If you have a patio, sitting area or fire pit in your landscape, planting a row of trees, shrubs and plants will enable you to use your outdoor space for more of the year. For many, a planted privacy screen is much less a decorative part of their landscape than it is a necessary part of their landscape. A natural wind-blocking-barrier will change the flow of wind in your yard and shield you from uncomfortably windy spots near barbecues, seating areas or pavilions. Relaxing next to your outdoor fireplace with an evergreen screen behind you will keep the heat of the fire close and you and your family warm.

Windbreaks are a great way to block harsh winds and save on your heating costs. Carefully positioned trees can reduce a household’s energy consumption for heating and cooling up to 25 percent. The proper placement of just three trees can save the average homeowner between $100 and $250 in energy costs. Utilize a landscape architect’s knowledge and skills to correctly position trees on your landscape so that you can start saving money right away!

In addition to hindering the wind, evergreen screens can “dress-up” your landscaping by creating eye appeal and privacy. Ideally, windbreaks should have depth and height variations in order to effectively reduce strong winds that can come rolling in across your lawn. Planting a row of tall evergreens with viburnum, or a variety of other shrubs, will visually anchor the windbreak to your landscape and produce striking focal points. While designing an inspired look, remember that placing plants in your yard parallel to the lines of your home will create a more formal look.  Adding a curve to your design will depict a contemporary feel.

Screen the wind from your yard with evergreens or other plants and enjoy more time outdoors, lower utility bills, and a stand apart landscape for you and your neighborhood to enjoy.

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