Showcase Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Strategically placing landscape lighting throughout your property is an essential part of showcasing your home. Illuminating your exterior allows neighbors and guests to share in the design and style you have created in your outdoor space. Whether inserting lights by a green screen of evergreens or highlighting one particularly beautiful tree in your yard, creating a lighting design that complements your home and suits your lifestyle provides a welcoming and safe entrance for family and guests.

Adding exterior lighting to your landscape design increases the amount of useable space that you and your family can share. Imagine doubling the size of your livable space by utilizing your outdoor areas well into the evening hours!

Introducing low-voltage, energy efficient lights to your backyard and patio can create a variety of settings throughout your landscape. Visualize a family-friendly patio with a wood burning stove, pizza oven, putting green, water feature, and comfortable lounge seating. Or envision a backyard oasis that spotlights your spectacular pool, pergola, fire pit, lush plantings, and intimate spa. Appropriate lighting enables you and your family to use your sport court for practice or recreation long after the sun goes down. Illuminating your backyard, walkways or paths, side yards and driveway spaces creates more versatile outdoor spaces and leaves a lasting impression.


Properly positioned lighting not only highlights the features of a home, it offers a higher level of safety for the people you care about most. Icy sidewalks and driveways are dangerous but proper lighting can make them safer to negotiate during the winter months. Pesky deer and rodents can be deterred by placing motion sensors on some of your landscape lighting to give the illusion that they may be spotted. Dark pathways in side and back yards can also be lit for safe use.


A good landscaper uses many techniques such as silhouetting, shadowing, up lighting, and cross lighting — even moon lighting and more. A good design can highlight features you want to highlight and hide features you don’t. Allow the beauty of your home to shine anytime and be the envy of your neighborhood. The secret is in the design. For more Landscape Lighting Ideas, click here. Or View our Portfolio.

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