Snow Tips for Fast and Easy Removal

The local forecast calls for snow this weekend with predictions of some areas getting close to two feet. Regardless of whether or not the weather forecast is right about this storm, it is the time of year to be prepared with the fastest and easiest snow removal tips and techniques for the inevitable snowfall of this season.


Snow Plow after Heavy SnowfallBefore the Snow…Make a Plan

Mark out the edges of your yard so that you don’t shovel or salt your lawn, rocks or plants.

Find the right spot to dump excess snow so that it doesn’t cause damage to existing vegetation or hardscapes. Remember that walking further at the beginning of shoveling is easier than at the end when you’re already tired.

Buy a shovel that is right for your height. A shovel that’s too tall will make you work harder. A shovel that’s too short will force you to hunch over. The appropriate shovel should rest near your waist.


Man Shoveling SnowOnce the Snow Begins to Fall

Stretch before you go outside to get your muscles ready. Snow is Mother Nature’s work out plan for us so neglecting to stretch can lead to days of shoulder, back and leg pain.

Wear warm breathable layers and waterproof boots while shoveling to keep from getting too cold and frostbitten. Cotton clothing has a tendency to soak up water and hold it close to the body; choose wool, acrylic or cashmere as your first layer and you will stay dry longer.

Plan to go out every few hours during a snow storm to remove the few inches that have accumulated rather than wait until the snow stops falling. Waiting until the end of the storm may be tempting but it will end up taking a lot of time and serious effort.

Don’t Forget

  • Push snow to move it instead of lifting whenever possible.
  • Use non-salt de-icers such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride that don’t damage plants or their roots.
  • Bush snow off of trees to protect them from being weighed down for extended periods of time.
  • Stay off of your frosted or snowy lawn to protect its roots for the spring.
  • Dig out your mailbox and a place for your trash at the end of your driveway.


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