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with Landscape Lighting

Design and Landscape by Jason Sponzilli

Strategically placing landscape lighting throughout your property is an essential part of showcasing your home. Illuminating your exterior allows for neighbors and guests to share in the design and style you have created in your outdoor space.1 Driveway Long Whether it’s inserting lights by a green screen of Evergreens or highlighting one particularly beautiful tree in your yard, capturing a landscape lighting design that fits your home will seamlessly afford your family the benefits of space and safety.

By adding exterior lighting to your landscape design, you will increase the amount of useable space that you and your family can share. Imagine doubling the size of your home by utilizing your outdoor areas well into the evening hours! Introducing low-voltage, energy efficient lights to your backyard and patio can create a variety of settings throughout your landscape. Visualize a family-friendly patio with a wood burning stove, pizza oven, putting green, water feature and comfortable lounge seating. Or envision an oasis that spotlights your spectacular pool, pergola, fire pit, lush plantings and intimate spa. Appropriate lighting will even enable you and your family to use your sport court for practice or recreation long after the sun has gone down. When we introduce landscape lighting to your backyard, walkways or paths, side yards and driveway spaces we allow them to become versatile places in your home that will leave a lasting impression.

Properly positioned landscape lights not only highlight the features of a home they also introduce a higher level of safety for the people you care about most. Icy sidewalks and driveways are dangerous but can be remedied with proper lighting for the winter months. Pesky deer and rodents can be deterred by placing motion sensors on some of your landscape lighting to give the illusion that they may be spotted. Dark pathways in side and back yards can also be positioned with lighting that allows for practicality and comfort.

Creating a grand entrance that is accentuated by landscape lighting allows the beauty of your home to shine anytime. Be the envy of your neighborhood and illuminate the features your property has to offer.


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Gracie Mews. 401 East 80th St. NYC

gracie-mews-green-wallProject Description:
Installation of a 200 ft. green wall at the Gracie Mews entrance and private driveway.
A steel support frame was installed to support living wall modules to plant low light evergreen plants. The wall had to be stepped down around the entrance sign and windows so the sign would be visible and views would not be blocked. Scissor lifts were required to complete the unique and complex installation.
Of Note:
The green wall at Gracie Mews creates a memorable and lasting impression at the front entrance of the building and offers the added value of contributing to air purification and aesthetics in the city.




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To ensure the success of our customer’s landscape investment, Sponzilli provides each client with a comprehensive guide about the maintenance and recommended care for every completed project.

Within the Client Care Package booklet you will find detailed information about watering your new plants, pulling any potential weeds, possible reasons for plant discoloration, and explanations about which plants should be trimmed in the fall and spring seasons. The Client Care Package booklet also gives information about a variety of mulch and maintenance, best practices for sod and seed lawns as well as ways to continue profiling your soil to enhance root growth and allow for proper drainage. Did one of the bulbs burn out in your landscape lighting design? Refer to Sponzilli’s Client Care Package booklet for the answers!
After the design and construction are done, let Sponzilli continue to care for your landscaping needs by providing you with our business’ Client Care Package booklet of best practices.


Project: Residential Outdoor Living Space, North Caldwell, NJ

Sponzilli Designer: Aaron Van Duyne IV & Andrew Lastella

Sponzilli Manager: Aaron Van Duyne IV & Andrew Lastella

Project Description: This project included the design and installation of a naturalistic rear yard landscape with a deep water pool, Jacuzzi, and cabana. Multiple levels and usable spaces were created to allow for a sense of continuous flow throughout the yard. Custom masonry was utilized to complete the outdoor kitchen and terrace areas.

A grill, sink and refrigerator were placed in the kitchen area to make cooking outside an enjoyable experience. Indigenous plants were placed throughout the landscape to provide lush color and privacy.  Landscape lighting was placed strategically to showcase the custom waterfall and fire pit areas. Lighting was also used along hedges to provide safety on walkways and paths.

Project Scope: Included Tennessee Crab Orchard Paving, Moss Rock, Belgard Pavers, Delaware River Gravel, and unique low-voltage lighting. Plantings done on this project included Boxwoods, Spruces, Dogwoods, Barberries, garden shrubs, perennials, grasses and sod. This project provided an increase in the value of the home and its functionality.



Certification – Affiliation

During the winter months, Jason Sponzilli and Michael Santana, completed their certification for the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). This certification enables Sponzilli to install environmentally friendly permeable pavers that reduce water run-off and conserve your landscape. ICPI’s unique certification affords Sponzilli the ability to utilize additional recycled content in their projects and provide clients with a product that has a longer life with less maintenance. Additionally, Interlocking Concrete Pavement simplifies surface and subsurface repairs by reinstating the same paving units so that there are no unsightly patches or weakened pavement cuts. Pavers come in a variety of colors and can be designed and placed to meet your home’s needs.pinterest-logoNeed ideas for your landscape design, outdoor plants and flowers, or containment garden?

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