Start of Summer Landscaping Tips

With the summer months quickly approaching, we are all eager to tend to our landscaping before the pool parties and barbeques (hopefully) begin again. We put together some tips that will help you get your outdoor area in the best shape to enjoy the warm weather. 

Have Your Sprinkler System Checked

It is always best to have your sprinkler system checked and serviced before the dry, summer heat comes. It is ideal to check the state of your sprinkler system before the summer begins. Something as simple as a broken or titled sprinkler head can cause your lawn to dry out, especially if you have to wait for maintenance. 

summer landscaping


Nothing can ruin the beautiful layout of your lawn more than persistent and pesky weeds. Thankfully, weed count has been down this season, meaning you have some time in the early summer months to get your lawn groomed and cleared. However, it is always best to act as soon as you spot the weeds on your lawn so you don’t have to scramble once they have taken over. Once all visible weeds are pulled, it is best to refresh your mulch. This helps prevent future weeds by blocking the sunshine they need to grow. It will also clean-up the look of your landscape. 

summer landscaping

Upgrading Your Space

Revamping your outdoor area for the summer months can be a daunting task. Most people don’t even know where to begin! Do you start with the plants or the hard surfaces? What features do you want versus actually need? What plants will thrive in your yard? Unless you’re an expert, it’s unlikely you know what products and plants work best in our area. For instance, we recommend using organic mulch where it seems fit in your landscape design as it does not require any water. Using plants that are native to the tri-state area are low maintenance and will save you money. Rather than navigating this upgrade alone, we recommend working with a trusted professional, who has experience in your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for help and recommendations on your summer landscaping needs, Sponzilli is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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