Top 10 Reasons to Get Poolside

Summer is here and that means sunshine, barbeques and heat! Finding the summer’s trendiest vacation spot, latest theme park attraction or easiest ways to drop a few extra pounds are usually on people’s minds during the warmest season of the year. These fads may be enjoyable or even helpful to some, but will leave you wanting for more by the time next summer rolls around with its newest and hottest topics.

Only one trend has become timeless and never seems to lose its cool for summertime fun because of the variety of positives it brings to any home.  Create an outdoor oasis in your own backyard with a poolscape and see why this fad has gleaned itself above the rest!

Here are 10 excellent reasons to integrate a pool into your landscape this summer season.

1. Encourages Family Time

Incorporating a pool into your landscape enables you to build lasting memories in your own backyard with your entire family. Spending those long summer days under your new cabana with a cold drink while keeping an eye on your children as they splash around the pool…what could be better?

2. Increase the Value of your Home

Pools increase the value of your home by about 15 percent. If you have ever thought about doing something more with your yard, why not include a dynamically beautiful and fun element like a pool.

3. Entertainment

Celebrating family and friend’s birthdays, special holidays and everything in between only gets better (and easier) when you have an amazing outdoor space. Throw a neighborhood barbeque, have a 4th of July party or celebrate the end of the work week by opening your backdoor and stepping into your custom designed oasis.

4. Stay Healthy and Lose Weight

Studies have shown that swimming provides an unparalleled cardiovascular workout. Swimming is also great for conditioning, creating longer and leaner muscles, boosting your metabolism and increasing flexibility. Swimming is an excellent summertime exercise that will get you fit while keeping you cool.

5. Endless Vacation

Reap the rewards of having a poolscape by creating your fantasy outdoor living space with unique qualities to suit your lifestyle and vacation will never seem out of arms reach

6. Be the Talk of Your Town

Allow your custom designed poolscape to have a resort or spa like feel by adding lush and colorful plants, multiple seating areas and a fire pit or fireplace. Guests and neighbors won’t be able to stop talking about the beauty and value that has been added to your home after you have upgraded from a yard to a retreat.

7. Unwind and Relax

Create a water feature or waterfall that flows into your pool or beside it so that you can listen to the sounds of a “babbling brook” as you float underneath the stars on a hot summer night.

8. Beat the Heat

Stay cool by being in your pool! Save on air conditioning by taking a quick dip in your pool and sitting under your shady pavilion instead of tinkering with the thermostat.

9. Privacy

Take advantage of owning your on private pool by having a swim teacher come to you for family swim lessons or become a certified instructor and create your own swim curriculum.

10. Pets Can Join in on the Fun

Public pools and swim areas will not let you bring your pets for a swim but having a poolscape will allow the ENTIRE family to join in on all the summertime fun!

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