Weeds, Harsh Chemicals and What You Need to Know

Weeds have been the bane of lawn and landscaping care for centuries. Thanks to a green revolution happening in the lawn care industry today, people are showing more interest in organic weed prevention. Once thought to be ineffective, organic products have been refined and perfected. Now organic lawn care is coming into its own with products that truly deliver results. Beautiful lawns, flourishing gardens and shrubbery can be achieved by using organic products that provide great results and promise good things for people and the environment. 

Read on to learn why Sponzilli trusts new organic weed prevention products in your yard and garden.

Does Organic Weed Killer Work?

Organic weed prevention can work just as well as conventional products but may require more effort and knowledge to be most effective. It requires the user to know which organic herbicide to use on specific weeds and at what point in their growth period they should be treated. In some cases, multiple treatments can be needed. Sponzilli Landscaping has long experience in using organic lawn care and has the knowledge to use them in the most effective way in your yard and garden.

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Can Organic Lawn Care Work On Any Lawn?

Organic weed prevention works by disrupting the basic natural processes in the plants, so they can be used on any lawn, but each lawn needs to be assessed to determine which products and treatment plan will work best. Sponzilli specializes in organic weed control. We will analyze your lawn and garden to determine which approach will be the most effective and affordable for you.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Weeds And Keep A Lawn Pristine?

Sponzilli Landscape Group has partnered with the BeeSafe corporation to provide you with a comprehensive five-step plan to a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. It goes beyond just killing weeds to conditioning your soil to grow stronger, healthier, greener grass that requires less watering and mowing. The BeeSafe family of organic products are all-natural and completely safe for children, pets and you.

Organic weed control companies, organic weed prevention, organic lawn care, landscaping, yard, garden

What is the 5-Step System? 

With the help of the BeeSafe Land Care program, we have developed a 5-step program to eliminate the use of pesticides. Step 1 is to stimulate the soil. A biologically active soil conditioner will awaken the soil and allow the turf to thrive through spring. Step 2 is to feed the lawn. Natural sources of nitrogen and potassium and a select group of highly beneficial soil microorganisms will both revitalize soil biology and stimulate turf growth. Step 3 is to protect the turf. Environmental extremes like heat and drought can cause significant turf stress. A kelp-based soil conditioner will reduce summer stress and feed the turf when it needs it most.

Step 4 is to build root growth. Deep roots create healthy, green, dense turf. A biologically active organic fertilizer will promote deep roots and lush growth. Step 5 is to winterize. Sponzilli will work to harden off the turf for winter and add beneficial nutrients to awaken the turf in spring.


  • Safe organic products can produce a beautiful lawn and garden.
  • Sponzilli’s BeeSafe program is comprehensive, effective and safe.

Let Sponzilli show you the way to having a green, lush lawn and thriving gardens using all-natural organic products. Contact us online or call us at 973-244-1410 for more information and for a free estimate.

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