Winter 2016 Team Training Recap

Training is an essential part of building a strong team. By adapting techniques, gaining new insight and building relationships, a higher level of quality and growth can be seen throughout operations. Winter Training gives team members time to reflect and review the previous season’s work, increase their knowledge about landscape design and participate in discussions regarding maintenance and troubleshooting.

During the month of December Sponzilli Landscape Group conducted a seminar with team members to prepare for the snow season. Winter in New Jersey can be difficult. Snow, ice, sleet and even the weatherman never knows which one or how much there will be. Being prepared is the only way to take on whatever the winter weather brings which means supplies and the knowledge of how to put them to work. Team members reviewed safety protocols, scheduling and equipment operations for heavy snow conditions prior to the first snow fall, leaving them ready for the heavy snow that came in January.


In late January, Sponzilli invited team members and other professionals from the community to share information and best practices about the installation and maintenance of landscape design and architecture. Atlantic Irrigation discussed troubleshooting techniques for sprinkler repair and drainage. Aqua Doctor provided information about pool installation, site coordination and permit scheduling. Lisa Dunbar and Daniel Moreland from Belgard Pavers discussed new design applications and materials.


During the training, team members increased their knowledge about landscape lighting techniques, fixtures and the testing of low voltage amp and bulbs. Sponzilli Landscape Designers brought a variety plant species to the meeting for team members to increase identification ability and planting procedures. Team members had open discussions and watched videos about machinery, attachments and proper inspection of equipment.

Winter Training reinforces our commitment to quality, safety and growth by giving team members a review of best practices and the skills to use cutting edge technologies. This season we were able to provide the team with insightful information about the process of landscape design and the many components that must come together to complete the final product…We ask our team members to be leaders on every jobsite by embracing planning and showing dedication to their work; training is a chance to show team members we are invested in them as individuals as well as the growth of Sponzilli.

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